Monday, May 21, 2012

One Belly Flop… To The Ground

The dive was great, it was the ending that wasn’t so great.  Leaving the comfort of the ladder and with nothing below is an empty feeling.  I was stepping up to the scaffolding and as I pushed off from the ladder there was nothing.  The ladder was headed off for somewhere over there and below I saw nothing but barren rock hard dirt. 

What had been a short distance now appeared to be a continent away.  In slow motion I headed downward.  Belly first I drifted.  Omph, no longer was there a steel plate below the belly.  It had become a sponge that did slow down the impact.

I had met the ground, in a way I had not desired.  Arthur was bouncing around in side my tail bone.  The one thing I was worried about let me know I was having a painful moment.  I was laying on the arthritis and the pressure was…… well it hurt.

I was next to a fence and was able to grab that and pull my self up and over to take the pressure off the arthritis.  The pain subsided as I laid there waiting for the ambulance.  That was another adventure in pain management.  Their training is to immobilize in case of.  As they were trying to do that they were hitting the pain points of the arthritis.  With some conversation I was able to get on the backboard and into the ambulance.

Off to the ER we went and from one gurney to another I went.  Pain was slowly teaching me how to move and roll to avoid major pain bursts.

Off to a scan I went.  Pictures were taken and back to ER I went to wait the results.  Pain killers had been dumped in me among other things. 

I was so focused on the back pain I did not consider anything else.  OI was expecting a major bruise and overnight stay at the hospital.

The doctor came in and said I had three small fractures of the right pelvis.  One being in the cup where the hip articulates plus a large hematoma there.  Into another ambulance they place me and off to the big city hospital I was headed.

After getting checked in that started talking about surgery, pins and screws.  Oops I kind of like my rump the way it is.  I prefer not to have surgery.

They put me on therapy and shortly I am motoring around on a walker.  At the end of the week I am headed for home, rump still intact and me on a walker.

I was doing pretty good at home getting around.  The second night I was going up the hallway after letting the dogs in.  Taking a step my should let loose, I had pulled a tendon.  No longer could I put put pressure on my arm to use the walked.  I was stranded.  No longer could I motor around. Taking small steps and enduring some pain I made it to a chair, sat down and called 911 for an ambulance.

Back to the ER I go and into the hospital I lay again.  It was like this sprain set me back to square one.  Therapy was begun again and up and down the halls I waddled with the walker loaded with pain pills.

I finally got to the point where they kicked me out and I went home with a friend to take care of me.  Currently I am still attached to the walker but the pain in the ass is subsiding.  It will be a few more weeks until I can fully function again. 

Then I hope to get around and visit.

Hopefully there will be no more trips to the ER an hospital.  It has been almost a month and a half since the accident.

Until later, I hope every one is having a good summer.

Thanks for everything and May God Bless You.