Saturday, December 31, 2011

Years End

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The eve settles, a day anew does not dawn for it is the beginning.  A new year will unfold as the petals curl out revealing the fragrance.  A year is fading, life has left, new lives have arrived.  The pattern of creation is stamped. 

Celebration, the changing of the guard.  New ones arrive, fireworks resound over the avenue.  Shouts roll out and down the mall. 

New chapter in my life unfolds.  No astounding events this past year.  Nothing with high expectations on the horizon.  Walk with the cadence of life.  Not forcing the cadence.  Embracing life for what it is.

May the God of peace that surpasses all understanding be your companion this coming year.  The blessings of life be yours and walk in peace.


Happy New Year

Saturday, December 24, 2011




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Merry Christmas

                        To All

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Time


Now that Christmas is less then a week, I will now began getting into the mood.  I do not like mob scenes let alone shopping.  Hence I am becoming a grinch.  It has also made me pause and wonder what the purpose of Christmas is?

Like so many things in christainity, the tradition of christmas has its roots in a pagan ritual.  There is no festival in the Bible proscribing the celebration of christmas.  There are a lots of other festivals but no christmas.

In the Bible story of Christ’s birth, who were the gifts for, why the visitors and why is the story even told?


Snow is flying, wind howling, cold air biting, it is the season of winter.  The warm festivities of cold short days brighten up the darkness of winter.  A light travels over the darkness.  Warmth of light chases the cold chills to the back.  Inside, the howling wind is muted.  Warm drinks brighten the soul.

Go forth, celebrate the most precious gift of all, accept it.  It can not be bought, for it is already in the heart.  Let it grow, become a part of the body.


Saturday, December 17, 2011



Went to a memorial service for a friend this week.  He was a Vietnam Veteran and was interred at the National Military cemetery.  I have a relative here plus some friends, so I went early to visit them for a moment for I knew afterwards would not be good.

As I walked among the grounds lots of things flooded the mind.  Here were people that served the country to be put in harms way.  Freedom is the creed that they fought for.  I ask myself, freedom from what, to do what, how to be or what is freedom.

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Freedom caries a multitude of meaning to people. 

What does it mean to you?

How do you relate to the revolution of 1776?


There were a jumble of thoughts for me that afternoon and after the first of the year I want to explore them and share some of my thoughts.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a great week leading to Christmas, the greatest gift of all.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Warfare of the Classes


I read the stories about the various occupy protests and wonder what they want to accomplish.  One of the themes that keeps cropping up is warfare among the classes, a revolution.  It appears they are not content with the country they live in and want the country to be of a different style.  This leads to lots of ferment and creates lots of anger.

Do a search on the Russian revolution and read a bit about it.  One of the key things is the different classes and the conflicts that arose.

A small group in Russia protested against the rich and landed people.  It was against the rulers, the Queen, the Tsars and others.  It went on for several decades, lots of conflicts and turmoil leading to many overthrows and finally the communist country in 1918.

Communism was very strong in the US during the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s.  WWI diverted lots of the communist enthusiasm in the US but it did not go away.  In the 1950’s  were the McCarthy hearings on communism and J Edgar Hoover.  Communism faded back into the wood work but did not die.

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Marxism is still taught in colleges and universities as being an acceptable form of governance.   Yet every place in the world Marxism has been tried, it has failed.  The teachers and professors in universities continue to teach Marx. 

Are we a country doomed to fall under the axe of Communism.  As long as the protestors continue to flaunt the law and there are no consequences for their illegal  actions a totalitarian government is on the horizon.

So many who love freedom have had the attitude of live and let live.  Today the bullies a moving into the land of governance and the so many are afraid of confronting them because they see what is on the other side, a serious conflict.  It appears it is a battle they are not ready to engage in.  A line is being drawn.

What do we expect from our government, has not clearly been defined….. has it?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Moon..... it be Full

The moon rises from the soup on far horizon. Dim slightly lit orb easing out of the haze. Lighting the eve, casting shadows in the air of frost. Birds scurry looking for their roosts. Ever higher it climbs skyward. Silvery moon, romantics dream dancing with the star of eve. Higher it climbs, lighting the way for travelers of the eve. A moment passes never to be caught again. Faded to memory are the images of the eve.

Gently golden glow eases to the mountain. Settling behind peaks. Fading to the evening, leaving the silvery glow to light the way. For the moon to reveal, old man sun must recline to the night.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Calendar Changed


When the first day of the month arrives, my calendars I should go forth and change them.  No, I do not go forth and change the months.  It is nor until I look at days to try and schedule things do I realize I have not changed. 

I have become so spoiled by the puter that I seldom use a calendar any more.  In my gadgets bar I have a clock plus a calendar, day and month.  So when I turn the machine on all this nice information jumps up on the screen and says hi.

So the wall calendars tend to collect dust hanging from their hooks.  This year I got a bunch of calendars and probably could get some more.  Lots of the local businesses are giving out calendars and I have collected a pretty varied group of pictures to hang on the wall.


IMGP4542 (640x425)

The days of life march past and I am but one little character in the play of life.  So as my chapters unfold I desire to enjoy them. 

There are a few events that happen I want to remember, otherwise the days melt into each other.  Passing as ships in a fog but hearing the chimes of the bells floating past.

The snow if passing in front of the wind, a touch of white patches the brown grasses of the dormant ground.  Birds huddle in the trees, search the rafters for protection seldom venturing out.  The hawk of the north has sent it icy breath across the prairies.  Soon the eve will arrive and the calendar will mark another day.