Friday, February 24, 2012

Demise of an Icon


On my blog headers I post pictures I have taken.  Usually they are old buildings of some sort.  On Wordpress I posted a picture of an old abandoned gas station in a ghost town.  I went through there a few days ago.  My gas station has collapsed.  The posts that held the canopy rotted out and the roof fell over the little station.

IMGP5079 (1024x680)

The highway was rerouted in the 40’s, so I’m guessing this old station was built around 1910-20.  There weren’t many cars traveling the prairie back then but they did need supplies and little stations like this popped up to meet needs back then. 

After the highway was moved the town did not survive much longer, businesses failed and people moved.  A few hung on working for a rancher or neighboring town.

When I saw the roof collapsed a twinge of sadness crawled over me.  Here was an American icon fading into the pages of history, soon to be forgotten.  The Golden Belt Route did not have the fame of Route 66 but it had the character of early Americana.

This little town originally was a stage stop in the 1860’s.  It survived Indian attacks, the Dust Bowl and other ravages but it could not survive the government.

Well I shall jump in my Model A and get ready to go cruising for the weekend.  May your weekend be blessed.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter….. It has Returned


Way back in Sep we had some snow and in Oct a bunch, enough to open the ski areas.  Then the snow god closed the window.  We got little spurts of snow but mostly nice days and decent winter temps. 

The past couple of weeks it has changed.  A storm has been rumbling through about ever 3-5 days.  Not real bad but enough to make travel a hazard and close roads for a few hours at night.

Today is another small blizzard cackling outside.  The snow rolls, sun peeks then hides and wind puffs again.  Couple inches of snow, not much, just enough to make things uncomfortable with the wind.

Standing in the window watching the snow swirl in the headlights on the far highway would reflect off the flakes.  Beyond them was a larger glow.  The horizon was aglow, lights reflecting off the snow. spinning into the gloom of dark.  Patterns twisting over the approaching light.  Turns out the headlights of the train were shining on the snow just right to create a kaleidoscope effect. 

DSCN0907 (800x600)


Even small blizzards are no fun.  The wind whips around, tossing the snow, making drifts.  A pattern that is ever changing and is a delight to  look at after it over.  During though, the warmth of inside is so inviting.

Like all things it to shall pass and another weather pattern will replace this one.  In the meantime, another cup of hot tea n lemon-honey. 

Have a good week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Bills of Medicine


Friend has been battling kidney stones this past year and it is not over yet.  I asked him what the bill has been so far.  He said over 400K.  I almost fell down.

Some doctors are going to have nice vacation villas and nice boats to cruise in. 

What puzzled me, after I sat down, why so expensive?  The machines for testing, the hospital stays or is there and large group of hands out wanting a share of the pie.

Yet I can see why those who are not insured would go moaning to the government.  Yet my friends insurance is government, Medicare.

Personally I feel that is part of the reason things are so expensive.  Most government agencies just pass costs on through and expect the taxpayers to cough the money up.  They seldom questions high costs.

Stop and think,a nice income is 40k a year.  400,000 would support 10 people.  My friend is a small industry but for only a few.

Or make it 50K a year, how many does that support.

Money has a way of multiplying and so often the average joe plods along.


IMGP4771 (1024x680)

4 Trillion dollars in debt we go.  How much money is that?  How many wages could be paid with that at what income level.

The root of all evil……… money, so the saying goes. 

The way the politicians toss money figures around I don’t believe there is any root on money any more.  Greenbacks slide right through my fingers into in the government’s coffers and I get a tad for a bottle of curds.

How did the IRS come into existence and why do we fear them so much?


Have a good week….. please.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Looking for Cheese


I post on a couple of other forums plus facebook.  One of the things that has been popping up is how easy people whine anymore.  They act so helpless.  It is almost as they expect someone to fly over and sprinkle fairy dust on them and all will be well.

There is some turmoil in the local schools over money cuts and programs.  Again lots of griping but few willing to bite the bullet and deal with the issues.

Geography is another trouble spot.  So many ask where is it.  Rather then doing some looking, they whine expecting me to tell.  Well the door is well marked: MEN.  Then they ask, where is it?  I slowly boil up into an aggravating chuckle and……. guffaw.

History is the other pet peeve.  It’s like the schools want to avoid teaching some history for it will upset their agenda.  The world according to, GARP.  So many do not know to get a book out and look up information or they do not want to.

Yet here on the internet is one of the fastest tools for looking up info. 

Now the circle, what are the schools missing?  By all test scores and standards that have been set forth, all the government programs have been failures.  Graduation rates are lower, students are less educated.  Oh there are exceptions but overall.  So when will people admit that big government in schools is a failure?

Look at how successful schools were in the early 20th century.  These little schools produced the people that invented the phone, light bulbs and even the computer. 

So when I hear whining I wonder who failed?


Such is life, there are foibles and successes.

So often the focus is on the failures and the successes are just there.

Wonder if there would of ever been an apple if Steve Jobs would have been a whiner…….?  His mother chose to not have an abortion and gave him up for adoption.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day


The snow gods are smiling upon us at last.  I know, I’m an oddball,  I like snow.  I love watching it rearrange in patterns on the landscape, cover things and kind of make life miserable for a short time.  Yet it is this white stuff that brings the flowers of spring and the greenery.  The nourishment of the land.

Like many, I do not try to fight it.  For it happens no matter how hard the combat zone is, nature will run its course.IMGP4847 (800x531)

The soft lacy flakes lay out their pattern.  Making the nuisance tumbleweed a bit of beauty for a moment.   Soon the beauty will fade into a memory and life will move on.

In the future the green shoots will usher forth from the ground.  While man struggles against the snow.

Vehicles slip and slide, visiting ditches,bouncing off curbs.  Backs will ache, coated shovels mute in their work.  Prints across the white mantle, wildlife searching out a tiny morsel.

Business cry because of lost job time, others shout with joy for the extra work they will get.  Banged up cars, more snow shovels/blowers, wreckers towing more cars.  Life evens out, no matter the noise.  Man struggles to control nature, the leash is broken as nature scoots along.

IMGP4849 (800x531)

What is so important in life to go do battle with the snow storm.


May you have a blessed day.