Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years passing Now an Old Year


A year is going into the history book, twisted, distorted and tortured, depending on how one perceives life.  There are many realities that do not jive with the facts yet people want to take the squared pegs and push them into round spots.  No matter the struggle they insist that the square peg be to their liking.  I look at at those struggles and ponder what really is important in life.

This past year has brought many turns, some led to joy others to sorrow.  There has been new additions to the family, new unions and celebrations.  There have been the loos of friends but the toughest was the loos of my daughter this past summer.  There is a small void that will always be there but life moves on.

I have not been for want of food, clothing or shelter.   I see so many who live in cardboard boxes, under bridges or the  street.  It is their choice, yes I do feel for them and they are provided a hot meal and clothes but they walk back out to the life in the ditch.  Life has it’s many faces, it is a face I can do very little with but I accept it as life.

The pages turn and it appears as a déjà vu, the repeat is there.  Life’s book has many chapters.  I tread softly through the words and look at the next chapter.  Where will it lead, what is in store, can I have any effect, where will I go.

Questions travel forth and there are no answers so I reflect and wonder why I pondered them in the first place.  I must a mind that inquires even if an answer does spring forth I still ponder.

Yet I am so thankful for so many things.  All my basic needs are met and I have a little bit left over for some desires.  I would not make a good materialist or over indulgent consumer.  I have found a contentment in the basic needs of life.



Went to the big city of Denver this week and the magnet at the RR Museum in golden grabbed a hold of my jalopy and drug me into the parking lot.  I didn’t expect much at the museum but the lot was almost full and people were wandering through the the displays.  The Garden Railway Society had trains running on their pike and it was a rather festive day watching the people walk around talking among themselves.

The museum is nice in that people can interact with most displays, climb on things or touch.  Unlike most museums that have ropes or cases restricting interaction, there are very few displays that cannot be handled.  Kids were having a good time, parents were tagging along and grandparents were talking about the day………….

I took a bunch of pictures and will be posting some later next week or the following week.


This being the last day of the year, it will also be my last post of the year.  THEREFORE……


Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year……


Because I said So.


Happy 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

On to the Next Year

The feast and gifts of the year are becoming but a memory. Gifts returned, exchanged or broken, all part of year's end celebration. For the Christian it is a year long celebration. The gift of Christ will always be there.

Next is the celebration that the bottlers of spirits love. Orgy of alcohol consumption, excuse to be boneheaded or just be crazy.

Wonder how the Muslims are dealing with all of this. they are on a different calendar or sorts and see Christ as a prophet. Just have a hard time seeing a Christmas tree in a Muslim home.

The New Year celebrations around the world. If one loves fireworks this has got to be an all time favorite celebration. The pyrotechnic displays are awesome. One of the few things I am thankful, to the Chinese for. Colorful explosions, now to figure how to get conflicts settled by colorful explosions and no guns allowed.

Will have a glass of wine and toast the incoming New Year. No resolutions allowed in the household, go out and live life to the fullest and live with others.

Still in the dry dust bowl, no snow, only frost in the morn. Everybody else has gotten rained on or snowed in and I'm looking at brown dust spots.

As the week begins, have a good one and may God be your companion through the week.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Prayer

Christmas Prayer

2 And all these blessings shall come upon you and sovertake you, if you obey the voice of the Lord your God. 3 Blessed shall you be in the city, and tblessed shall you be in the field. [1]

6 Blessed shall you be wwhen you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out. [2]

Deut. 28:2-4,6

Hear Me oh Lord for I seek you out

I thank you for the greatest gift

You send Your Son for all to see

He walked among us

A walk to witness the truth

A light to follow in foot steps

A bright star on far heavens

Leading all to a new light

Be with all who look to Your Light

Bless them and keep them

May your countenance shine

Leading them in Your Grace

Merry Christmas

May God be with you throughout the New Year

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Other Times

Intently the little boy stared in the window. Dad stood nearby watching the crowd move past on the sidewalk. A few would pause and look, most passed. Another boy paused by the first little boy and they just watched. Behind the second boy was an older gentleman, appeared to be a grandfather. The two men glanced at each other and smiled as the boys just stood there looking.

Soon the father of the first boy touched the cap and said, “We have to be moving on.” The boy slowly turned and grasped his father’s hand as they moved on with the hustling crowd. Grandpa and the other little boy remained.

Down the street the father and his boy walked. They passed an open door to a store. In front stood a man dressed in a red and white coat with a green cap. He was ringing a bell next to a small pot mounted on a stand. Dad paused and reached in his pocket and pulled out some bills, taking one and folding it up he told his son to place it in the pot. The little boy did and the man with the bell and funny suit, leaned over and told the boy, “Thank You.” The little boy looked up and smiled back and replied, “Your Welcome.”

Weaving through the people moving along the sidewalk the father and his boy continued walking. They had to dodge packages and bundles being carried by on walkers. In front of the big store window they paused because of the size of the crowd. Singing could be heard and music floated out of the speakers overhead. To get around the crowd they had to step out on the edge of the street. On down the walk they continued, the music fading in the distance.

Ahead was another store and people were milling around the window. Here they stopped for a look. The little boy’s eyes lit up as he got a glance in the window. Squeezing through the bigger people he got up next to the window. There were flashing lights, lighting up the display. Like a merry-go round the display changed as toys moved through the tunnel of lights. There were fire engines, big trucks, tractors, delivery trucks and semi trucks. All rolled by on the table as it went round and round, in the middle were tricycles and wagons with lights flashing off them.

The little boy stepped back from the window and when he had his dad’s attention he pointed to the side of the window. There was a small train set going round and round under a Christmas tree. There were buildings, homes, stores, stations and a train depot. On the sidewalks people were walking and there were cars on the street. Round and round went the little train. The little boy wiggled his way back to the window and pressed his face to the window to watch the train.

Shortly he felt a tug on his shoulder. Looking up he could see dad motioning to him. “We have to be going,” dad said. The little boy glanced back in the window, then turned to dad and took his hand as they walked on down the street.

Early morning dad walked into the living room with a cup of coffee, mom was behind him. They stopped for there on the stair way landing sat their little boy. Still in his pajamas, hands folded on his chin, resting on his knees. Mesmerized, he looked down the stairs. Below was a Christmas tree all lit up and underneath circled a tiny train.

Friday, December 17, 2010

To Determine for Self


Went a another model train show this past weekend and it was tied in with a gem and mineral show.  Nice browsing and change of pace looking at what the rock hounds had to offer.  Also met some friends I had not seen in a few years.  Made a rather long round trip going and returning as I checked out some other places.


VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Met a friend there and we were going to have lunch together there.  We went our ways, talking and looking.  I wanted a cup of coffee so I went to the vendor and got a cup.  There were picnic style tables so I asked a couple sitting at one of them if I could join them.  Sure they said.  So I sat down.  The guy was a kidder  and got to talking about some of the things going on.  One thing led to another and soon he was telling me about some of his life.

He said he emancipated himself when he was 16, today that means running away he noted.  His parents had been in a little town in New Mexico, called White Oaks.  those of you that have seen some of the Billy the Kid movies should recognize the town.  He left and traveled to another little town in northern Colorado of Grover, close to the Wyoming border.  He asked a few questions about railroads and other things in the white Oaks area and I had no answer for him so we talked about some of his life.

He said when he got to Grover he went to work on a ranch but he also went back to school and graduated from HS.  From there he went on to college and got a teaching degree and became a teacher.  I asked him where he had taught and he said, the Republic of Boulder.  There was a little distaste in his voice and after talking some more he expressed his disgust with lots of the people that live in Boulder and their attitude.

This distaste did not surprise me as I have heard from others.  Yet that is my alma mater and I never gave the arrogant attitude of some in Boulder much thought having worked and went to school with a few of them.  Mixed in with the elite snobs of Boulder are few humble people.

Anyway the conversation shifted to politics and he became very animated about lots of things the government is doing and the imposing attitude of a few people.  I was not taken aback for I have been these types of conversations before.  This time I did a little more pondering.

Ran across a comment other day, self determining man.  Man that determines how to live his life and is self reliant.  I looked at that then I reflected on the conversation I had.  It was becoming clear why he was angry at some of the Boulderites.  The elites have the notion they can tell people how to live their lives.  Well trying to impose their will on this guy did not set very well.

Here was a man who had raised himself, made his life and probably received very little government help.  Yet here were these peole telling him how to live his life.  that kind of attitude does not set very well with many people.  After hearing his story I could understand his anger.  A man who live quite well independently yet he was bothered by others saying no you should live this way.

Boulder is full of various environmental type groups and they have passed various types of laws on how to live …etc.  For some these do not set well, for others it is indifference and for some that is how it is.

One of the fascinating things about these elitists is they want others to live the way they do and there are those who wish to live another.  There are those who wish to live with very little government and there are those want to use the government to impose their values on others.  Both left and right use the government for their agenda.  then there are people like the guy I talked with, wants to live a life with little flourish, not bother others or be bothered much by others.

When I look at my conversation I see two things, either a major conflict or an acceptance of the lifestyles of others.  Accepting others has been verbalized but not practiced. 

In a truly free society a variety of lifestyles can exist but the right and left of it appear to be blind to that.

Even in my hobbies I see these types of conflicts.  There is such a lack of tolerance and or accepting the little niche.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tuesday Poetry

I was asked, what happened to Tuesday Poetry.  There were various things why I discontinued but first I should go back and explain why it was started.




When windows Live Spaces was a viable place a GI came on and asked to be my friend.  I will never turn down a GI, having been one my self.  His site was poetry, not much.  the site had only been up a few weeks.  He would post mostly verse but occasionally he would blog about himself.

I would read these posts but not say much.  After a couple of months of reading along he made a post about some of his past.  He had just returned from the Middle East with a head injury.  The therapist that was working with him recommended writing and poetry being one of those things.

His verse was very somber and dark at times.  A tormented person could be seen in the words he put down. 

Later he wrote that he was 51 and was divorced and had done more then one tour in the Middle East.  It came across that he had lots of conflicts in his life.

Remembering that the therapist told him to write more poetry I started encouraging him in my comments on his posts.  I had a few poems I had written and there a couple of others in the network who would post verse.  So I decided to start what I called Tuesday Poetry.  I began posting a different poem on Tuesdays and the GI started to do the same as did a few others.

So in hopes that he would be encouraged to write more I continued to post verse.  For a couple of months it went pretty good.  Then he didn’t post anything for sometime.  Nothing new, I would post but nothing on his site.  After a month there was nothing new on his site.

What happened to him I have no idea but I hope it was nothing bad for some of his verse was twisted.  Yet I had hopes.

I continued for a few months more but I ran out of poems and did not feel up to writing any more.  So Tuesday Poetry came to an end.


I look back at this and there are times I want to scream….. scream at the politicians, what the hell are ya doing.  The country gets into a conflict and has no clear objective and young people are getting killed….. for what purpose?

Oh it will stop terrorism…. really.  Am I any safer today then I was a decade ago.

It was an attempt to reach out, instead it has fueled some anger at DC.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Season’s Greetings

There is a small bit of tension the air this time of year.  Some of it has to do the greeting of the season and there is the expectations placed on heads.  There is depression, anger and envy, a pretty potent measure of misdirected emotions.

The end of the year used to be a calm time because of the cold snowy weather.  Cabin fever was growing and the cheer of the holidays helped to alleviate the fever, a moment of coolness.

Then there are the grinches.  If things are not their way, they will whine and cry about things and say things are offensive or some other remark that comes off hateful.

So what is the greeting of the season.

What does Happy Holiday’s mean.

I used to get upset at the people who termed the word of Christmas as being offensive to them.  Then I stepped back and asked my self, how are remarks like this serving God’s purpose.  I was surprised, for these people are bringing a spotlight to bear on the Season of Christmas.

Further I dug into self and began watching the discourse and the stronger the celebration of Christmas became.  For what is the greeting of the season……. of course, Merry Christmas.  So when some says season’s greetings, I respond, I hope you have a Merry Christmas also.

Then there is holiday greetings.  that came across numerous ways to me.  First was, it is easier to say that then say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  It is also for the non-offensive people but once again they are acknowledging Christ. 

For the holiday is a birthday celebration, Christ’s birthday.  New Year is also recognition of Christ, for this year it will be two thousand-eleven years since the death of Christ.  Our calendar is around the life of Christ.  BC, is before Christ and AD is after Christ’s death.  So no matter how ones says it, they are acknowledging Christ.

The holiday, the season are based on Christ.  So if one is offended it may because they do not realize what they are doing for in their remarks they are talking about Christ.


It is amazing how God works.

     So everybody….. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the Past..... Christmas

There are many memories accumulated over the years from Christmas. I have have very few about the presents I received. My biggest and memories are of the family get together's. The stories, games, seeing relatives hadn't seen in some time and the food and the conversation. Even when I went from a youngster to an old buzzard. It was the family gathering.

There was the tree, special treats and decorations. The presents were part of the decoration and most are forgotten. There was the joy of the little twerps heading for the tree in the morning and I was one. There were the services at church, the Christmas Carols and the warmth of the people there.

Memories become a part of life, a tradition that lives on no matter where. A foundation the cling to, arms wrapped around, joy echoes forth and from within a voice talks.

The following is a story I assembled from stories I have heard from other people. In my wanderings I come in contact with lots of elderly people, in their 80's an 90's. They have memories and most are good. A few have put their memories into books or collections.


Around the corner Mary scurried as the wind whipped her scarf out in front of her, coat fluttering to the gusting wind. Hurriedly into the store entrance she ducked. Getting out the wind and a brief moment to gather herself up and straighten out. The wind had knife blades in it, howling from the north, clouds building overhead blocking the sun.

Cold winds of the north had swept over the town making for a miserable time as Mary had to go shopping to get ready. Standing in the entry Mary looked up and down the street, seeing only a couple people out like her. The shop she had ducked into was closed but in the window was a display for the holidays. Mary stood there taking in the display.

A tree was decorated for an old fashioned Christmas, a homemade chain of red and green loops curled around the tree, cut out snowflakes dangled from the branches, pieces of tinsel scattered around and there were candles strung around the tree. The electric candles glittered reflecting off the tinsel, lighting the snowflakes. It was a simple but festive little tree. Mary stood there mesmerized by the scene. Below the tree were some presents and tucked on the edge was a rag doll. Mary stood frozen in time. Oblivious to the howling wind whipping cold waves into her nook Mary stood there.

Time was drifting back, memories flooded over her. Her mother had just walked in the door from outside. Asked Mary if she was ready, Mary nodded yes. She was wrapped up a heavy coat and hood with gloves and overshoes. Mary’s mom picked up the sack and out the door they went. It was cold that evening and as they walked over the snow it crunched and crackled. Ahead could be seen the yellow glow of the church entrance. Hurriedly they entered the church and walked to the tree and set down the sack they were carrying. Mom helped Mary take off her coat and cap.

Into the sack Mary dived, bringing out a string of colored paper that had been made in to a chain to be strung on to the tree. Next she pulled out a strand of popcorn. Mom helped her put up the decorations they had made the past week. Other people had been in there doing the same and soon the tree was covered with decorations and topped with a star.

Sitting in a pew with her mother they waited till the pastor came out and the people stood up and began singing carols. It was a joyous evening, the people singing. The candles were lit on the tree and lights in the church were extinguished. Mary stood on the pew, eyes wide at the scene of the tree.

Standing in the doorway, Mary shivered as another gust of wind knifed through the street. Looking at the tree brought out a love of a distant time. As a little girl her evenings had been spent making the decorations for the tree. Nothing but the candles were bought from the store and the gifts under the tree had been made by her mother. There in the window was the rag doll, just like the one her mother had made for her. A tear strolled down the cheek, a bitter sting of warmth. Slowly Mary walked out onto the sidewalk into the cold air, heading for the shops.

What Are Your Memories

Friday, December 3, 2010

Why live here…… WHY?

Me pondering the aspects of a world I grasp not.  Reflections on my own life, why did I live there. 

Well for starters, that’s where mommy n daddy lived.  Then that’s where the job was or where the company transferred.  There are green pastures over there, well I thought so…. now I don’t know.

Where is the anchor, the roots, what is the connections.  The family is there, grew up there, climate or the scenery is great.



Seeing this view set off the weakest of grey matter to contemplate why people live where they do.

This is a great view of the snow capped rockies out across the prairie.  Very appealing until one realizes this picture would be much clearer if it was not for the crud in the air.  One of the problems living ion a basin, dirty air collects in the valley.  Then when the wind comes up it cleans the air.  Another problem, the air screams over the mountains, sometimes as fast as 150mph.  Lots of things get rearranged.

Yet millions of people live in the area.  Aren’t there pretty scenes around with less crud and violent weather. 

I dealt with the weather because I loved going to the mountains.  There was hiking, jeeping, hunting, skiing and fishing.  Today it is no longer appealing.  what used to be wheat fields is now growing 2X6’s.  the crud comes from to many people wanting to be in the same area at the same time.

So I now live where I do not rub elbows with the crud of life.  I can still hike, fish, the mountains are over there and the deer sleep next door.

So why do people live where they do?  Sounds like I am back at Go and boardwalk has been passed.  Where would be an ideal Place to live?  Easy year around mild weather, no storms….. hummmm what else?


enjoy your weekend