Saturday, June 30, 2012

Support Counter Intelligence


Out in a little town, in the middle of nowhere, close to somewhere is Mama’s store.  Here is a collection of old stuff, for she rents space to a variety of people.  Even the store is old.

In the old days of saloons and pool halls this shop thrived.  Pool balls made great missiles to be launched at the enemy.  Even the ceiling had it’s stories.  There and here was the occasional bullet hole. 


DSCN1369 (1024x768) (2)

The clientele has changed, it is now mostly the wives of the pool players that wander the aisles. No longer to the six shooters thunder forth, or dodge the lost pool ball.

The floor can still be heard shuffling some soft shoe.  The hair from the barber getting mixed into the floor.  His chair long gone, but a memory.

The bar, cabinets and stools still await the thirsty traveler.  One can belly up to the bar.

DSCN1387 (1024x768)

I  stop in for the iced latte, maybe a shake just for  the ambiance.  Walk the aisles, hear the memories whisper to me.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rodeo Time


The Ranch Rodeo and Bronc Riding was this past weekend.  Got out there for a part of it.

IMGP5562 (795x1024)

First round was in the evening, second day was afternoon….. Temps went over the century mark…… lots of drinking….. well ya….. water and…. hehe.


IMGP5565 (1024x1021)

Not all the riders had a good grip.

IMGP5535 (1024x680)

Hope you had a good weekend and  may the Lord bless your week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughts ----- Random……. From Somewhere or Nowhere



It feels kind of nice to be able to sit and type for a bit without lots of pain.  Oh I could load up on pain killers and type wack-a-do……. hehe.  I can kind of walk, boy do I wobble though.  With a four wheel drive walker I can go pretty good.  I will probably never walk all that great again ever.

My arthritis has caused me problems for years and it is now my big problem.  The injury and way I sleep aggravates the arthritis in the back.  Boy does that make me hobble.

Any way I am doing better and the battle is mine.

DSCN1577 (960x1280)

Ranch Rodeo this weekend.  See if I can get some good shots of the wild cow milkers.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Passing of time

Time has passed and I missed it.  Being laid up in the  hospital and convalesce for about two months I lost track of time.   All of sudden it is Memorial Day and here is summer. 

People are flying down the road in their campers.  Summer vacations are under way and the heat is rising.  Looking for cool spots is the game of the day.

All I wanted was the pain to go away, be able to stand with no pain, sleep without drugs.  My focus was on myself and healing.  Time was but the change from light to darkness.  The nurses would ask what the day was, where I was.  That was my only reckoning with a time space movement.

DSCN1342 (960x1280)

With time though I am slowly healing.  There are less pains and less pills.  Small steps are easing across the floor without the walker. 

During this period most everything was blocked out.  Politics became irrelevant, daily news was ignored.  It was a battle with pain. 

Today the reality creeps back into life.  It is summer.

Everyone enjoy the moments of the time.

Gone Looking for a cold melon……. Like a slice?