Monday, February 25, 2013

Chicken Little Democrats


Not sure how many times the liberals are going to go to the scare well but it has worked in the past.  So as long as the faithful liberals keep buying into the manufactured tragedies the liberals will keep using the bully pulpit of scare the people.  Quite frankly I believe it is almost impossible to shut down the federal government.  Yet I am to the point, let em wither on the vine.  No longer are they heedful to the people.  The bureaucrats cause more problems then they solve.  They supposed to help the people they govern, not hinder them are be a threat.  I read that now about 55% of the people in the US believe the federal government is a threat to them.  On the other hand 55% approve of Obama, the government leader.  Go figure……

DSCN1695 (1024x768) (3) 

The government worker makes about 22% more in wages then their counterpart in the private sector.  So a pay cut for bureaucrats would cause no harm.  They would keep their jobs and still make nice money.  Bottom line….. they would help their country to ease up on the debt.

Read about a low low level government administrator, $325,000.00 a year salary.  What kind of job warrants that kind of income as a bureaucrat.  What kind of risk do they take.  How much of their own money do they invest in their job.  There is a small Department of Education office in the neighboring town.  They recently advertise for a head administrator in the office.  Starting salary was over $200.000.00 a year and could go upwards to over $300,000.00 a year.  They have very little responsibility or risks to take but look at the size of those salaries.  How many people could have jobs at $50,000.00 a year?

Their whole justification is they have a college degree and maybe some graduate work. 

Inflated wages is but one rotten aspect of the government.  The other is the handouts.

The government gives money to big oil.  The windmill/electric people use this as an excuse to justify the money they get from the Feds.  Then there are the entitlements…. a whole separate rant.  hehe.

So you got your bomb shelter stocked or maybe it is the millennium shelter of Mayan debacle shelter all stocked and ready to deal with the government failure after the sequester?

If Obama was a president that was concerned for the country he was elected to serve over he could deal with the problems in a very positive way.  It appears that his interest is more in belittling the Republicans that helping the people of his country.


Friday, February 22, 2013

The Time Change


The days grow longer, the sun rises earlier and settles into the horizon later.  The swirling continues on, yet man still tries to control things.  There is Standard Time, then there is Saving time.  The second one makes me wonder, How is time being saved?  When comes for the clock change, I would to see the meddling politicians get out of the way and no more time changes.

I enjoy the evening, the end of day.  Sit there, watch the traffic circle over the rise and descend into the little hollow where the town is.  In the winter the sun is going for the evening meal and but the lights of the vehicles line up curling down the ridge.  Makes for a nice show but it is in the dark.  This time of year the light tarries for a bit and the journey homeward bound is easier.  It is so nice to have a bit of light in the eve to unwind the mind, even for but a few minutes.

Well the storm came through, some wind, cold air and a bit of flakey stuff.  It was enough that a few drivers had forgotten how to drive and made a few dings in sheet metal.  For that reason many do not like snow.  For me it one of those things that gave his creation and I can not curse it.  For it is the snow that brings all the glory of summer.

Our moisture supply is almost none existent.  So more snow would be nice.  One that could be measured in many inches, using a yard stick. 

DSCN3372 (1024x768)

The weeds under the snow make nice patterns or wonderment.

DSCN3373 (1024x768)

Then there is the shadow of the birdfeeder.  Grasses stand up through the thin mantel of white.

DSCN3377 (1024x768)

The howling coyote floats out over the silence after the storm.  Wavering but a bit when the wind returns to rearrange the flakes.

DSCN3375 (754x1024)

Snow, one of those I do not have to deal with much any more.  I stay out of the way.  I believe only once have I slid off the road or did donuts.  Have watched many in a big hurry, keep the tow trucks busy.  There are also the four wheel frollies of spinning off the road, across the ditch, up the other side, back into the ditch and back onto the highway. 

Snow is something I have come to love.  Sure there is misery, then weather has its moments in all seasons.  When I lived in Denver, one could hear a silent cheer when the first snow for the mountains was reported.  Skiers were getting the board out and ready for the season.  Drive to mountains in the winter a few times.  One learns how to drive on the slick roads and to have the vehicle prepared.  Break down or have problems in the mountains is expensive. 

Yes there are nice things about the snow, snowmen, snow angels, tracks and great pictures.

Now to get that clock fixed so it doesn’t keep falling back.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter Congress


Dear Congressman

The Republicans have taken a beating in the media. Luckily most of us understand that the media distorts the truth to fit their agenda. With a grain of salt I consume the media. They do not represent the reality of life, yet so many people believe what they spew out. Sitting in the House of Representatives, you are in the majority, you control the purse strings and the President does not like that. He will beat up on the Republicans in any way he can, for it has worked in the past.

I hope you and your colleges will develop a little stronger backbone and begin to stand up to his bullying. For no matter how things go over the next couple of months, the Republicans will be demonized. In the major media you and your colleges will be vilified. With that in mind, I hope you and others will stand up for what is good in this country, some fiscal responsibility. For if one does not live within their means, there is usually failure and everything the President has tried to do, has not helped the country climb out of the recession/depression. His administration has been one failure after another. These things need to be pointed out. Even under Bush and other administrations, economic stimulus plans did not work.

So I hope you and your fellow Republicans will withstand the hateful onslaught from the President and the media. It will happen. Luckily there are bloggers out there that are fairly neutral and do a good job of blogging.

Suggestion: The House pass a resolution, that all executive orders will be brought before Congress for proper legislation within 90days, if not the executive order will expire in 120 days. The country does not need legislation by FIAT. There is a time executive orders are appropriate but they also need the approval of congress or they should become null and void after a certain time. If executive orders are not challenged in some manner the door for dictators is opened.

There needs to be some kind of sunset on laws and if they are good, congress can act on them again in the future.

I would also like to see every gun control law have an amendment for media control. Like the President said in Chicago, paraphrasing, “It is an attitude problem on how we deal with our problems.”

Media control: Any and all violence in shows, programs, videos of electronic medium shall be forbidden. Any program with shootings, physical violence or mental violence shall be prohibited. The media can not cover violent crimes of any type, muggings, home invasions, rape, shootings, domestic violence etc. As one reads through the stories about the mass shooters, one sees that the people got many of their ideas from stories in the media, shows, programs, videos…. Etc. Therefore to curb violence it has to be curbed in the media.

According to the White House, it was a video that caused the Benghazi riot and other riots in the Middle East. So to protect our citizen’s there has to be some kind of media violence control.

Tongue in Cheek. If we are willing to trample on parts of our Constitution, what other parts are we willing to trample on? For if the Second Amendment is beat up and impinged on, the First will not be far behind.

Thank You for your time. Stand in there tough during the upcoming battle.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook and other meanderings


There are times I wonder about people and their attitude.  It is bad enough with the politicians.  Then they tend to be highly visible and set an example.  So many people emulate the politico’s. 

Tried to open another facebook page and got squashed after a few days.  Same thing came up, You have been disabled.


Upon investigation, we have determined that you are ineligible to use Facebook. You can view our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities at the following address:

Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we cannot provide additional information as to why your account was disabled. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations


When I was first disabled I thought I had been hacked, I play poker and had done fairly good, over 30mil in chips.  There are those who like to steal, even if its free they will steal.  But a message like this tells me something else was going on.

There are people who like to complain, about most anything and sometimes things get pretty nasty.  Few people like to debate/argue anymore.  Instead they jump on the bully soap box and try to intimidate.  If that doesn’t work, they go cry to big brother, in this case facebook.  Not sure if it was politics or something else but it got me dumped and for no reason.

The e-mail from facebook struck me in another manner.  It came across as a polite dictator.  Facebook said we have to give you no reason and don’t question us, john…. You have been dumped.  They use the stand by, safety and security to justify their attitude..

Then having the attitude of a dictator should not be surprising.  So many people have that arrogant touch, do as I say, do not question me.

With all of the banter about gun control there has been some focus on Chicago and their high murder rate and killings.  Gangs have been responsible for most of the killings.  The ultimate in the life of a dictator, kill those who do not do as you say, show people who is in charge, kill em.

The dictator attitude is growing and the violence of gangs is but one example.  Look around and watch some people how they treat others. 

Facebook is riding on the crest of the wave for now.  How long they will stay there is debatable.  They have not sunk in the vires and bug quagmire that MySpace went into, yet.  It is amazing how many people use fscebook and it is a service, for the good guys and the bad guys.  Like it or not, the villains will use facebook.  It has been used by the terrorists, rioters, protestors and other assorted hustlers.  Then that is part of life.

Hopefully facebook people will have a reality check and get a handle on their attitude.  If not another competitor will roll out and there will be competition.

So it is somewhat of a farewell to some I have met over the net.  Some I will stay in touch with thru the blogs and the google circle.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Facebook Dump


Not sure what happened or why but my facebook page was dumped by facebook.  I’m assuming someone hacked in but I was not told why my page was disabled.  I went to log in one evening and a note came up saying my page had been disabled.  Nothing specific as to why, it was gone.  They could of sent me an e-mail but they did not have the courtesy for that either.  Bang….. just like that, I’m history.

I’ll try to open a new page and see what happens.  It will be a pain for some of the facebook friends were from the days on Windows Live Spaces from quite a few years ago.  Hopefully some kind of reconnection can be made. 

What aggravates me the most is the way facebook handled it.  No notice no warning, plug was pulled.

Well onwards and upwards.  Gonna keep the rant to two words…… Dam it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Daily Intrusion of Politics


It gets to be aggravating all the runs and corners one travels and there is Big Brother.  It is amazing how many different places government is any more.  Operate a small business, hire a clerk just for the government paperwork.  Send a kid off to school, the teacher spends more time doing paperwork then teaching.  Try to take a tire to a landfill, get ready for writers cramps and open the purse.  Look at all that is required to get a driver’s license.  The laundry list just grows.  Oh my favorite, the smoking laws.

Every time a new law is passed, someone loses a bit of freedom.  People sometimes just do not grasp that.  Laws go cross board and are supposed to be evenly applied.  So if a law is for a special interest, choices around that are lost.  If I pass a law to stop a certain behavior, what other behaviors will it impact.  Freedom in a small space has been restricted, a touch of freedom has been lost. 

But when one gets adamant about controlling other people through laws, they lose sight that the law is just as applicable to them.  That is why some laws have exemptions in them.  So are laws with exemptions Constitutional?

IMGP6446 (1024x680)

Now we have a new law, referred to as obamacare.  How many freedoms are lost in this so called affordable healthcare act.  No longer can I go out and buy my own health package, I have to go through a government agency.  Forget the costs, look at the duress the government puts on the citizens it is supposed to serve.  If I do not got through a government agency, I am fined, even if I chose t opt out.  It was ruled a tax….. interesting, if I refuse something, I am taxed. 

Taxes are one of the most forceful things the government has.  The government agency that collects the taxes, Internal Revenue Service, has very compelling powers.  It is probably one of the most feared agencies in the government.

Yet that is how other government agencies are headed, fearful.  Many are no longer to serve the people that support them.  They make tremendous demands on the populace and if there is not compliance, the government agents show up on the doorstep. 

So how did we get to this growing police state.  Lots has to do with the politicians.  Most are not interested in government.  They want the perks of the office, become personalities.  So they focus of being re-elected rather then biting the bullet and doing some things that are not real popular.

Look at all of the different penalties that are paid to government and what do we get back……. more bickering.  The federal government gets way to much money and they do not care about the little man any more.  Just who will the next big donor be for re-election and when will they be on TV.  Government is out of control but to get it back to serve the citizens is the next thing.