Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rambling Thoughts

To even have thoughts, at times even amazes me.  For the most part the grey matter operates in a vacuum.
Im not a person of resolutions, for I have no intention of being locked into something nonsensical.  I do like goals and try to set reasonable ones. Then I haven't figured out what reasonable is any more.
Politics is always a fire to ignite, only goal I have there is to go vote next year. 
I have been enjoying the Trump show.  Who knew a former Democrat could be so nasty to his former party.  Like Obama, Trump has polarized the country even further.  The amount of hate that spews out on both sides any more is amazing.  The Golden Rule is alive and well…… hate others so they can hate on me.  Well I really do not want to hate but I get upset over some of the comments directed at me. 

Then there is the issue of the Christian haters.  Not sure how to deal with that one.  Then I am reminded of the what the Romans did to the Christians with their lions.  hen there were the witch hunts, Christian on Christian.  So called Christian leaders taking on the role of God and executing people they labeled as heretics.   Burned em at the stake or hot oil.   An ugly chapter in history. 
Then there was the Babylonian exile of the Jews.  When a person looks at that story and reads the book of Joshua, a lots of answers can be found.  It is interesting how God has used the Ishmaelite to be a thorn in the side of many.
Like the Jews, God will not let Christianity perish, there will be remnant. 
Then that brings up the question, at church is the focus on God or is it on the pastor/preacher or self.  God has been booted all over and people have become so complacent that they ignore what is in front of them.
On thing, the world will continue on for as long as God wants it to.  It is God’s position that so many want to be in.  They want to judge people and condemn. 
Look at all of the laws that get passed by government, so many of the laws elevate the lawmakers to a god like position.  The government has the answer, seek them out, not God. 
Within the secular world, we have the capacity to change things but if God is not sought out, then Satan is the controller.

Like I said, thoughts from no where that go no where.  

Have a great twenty sixteen and God Bless You. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Climate Change ...... Two Things

            Changing climate, what are the influences? 
            Read an article the other day about the earth’s axis shift and how it is effecting the change of the global climate.  This makes more sense to me the carbon having impact on the climate.  The incident angle of how the sun strikes the earth has a tremendous impact.  If a person has paid any attention to the solar industry and how they tilt their solar panels.  How the sun impacts on the solar panels is the same impact of solar gain or loss on the good planet earth.
            Few years back I wrote along this same vein when I read about how the GPS system was being re-calibrated by the shift of the earth’s axis.  The satellites had lost their accuracy by seconds and things could get messy, such as ships navigating in to shallow of waters or planes in the wrong pattern.  Short little distances have a major impact on lots of things.  Something as simple as moving a shadow, which would change solar radiation. 
            The sun’s angle on how it strikes the earth probably has an effect on El Nino, a big impact on weather.  Changing weather patterns in turn impact the climate.  How these events affect the climate is seldom reported on unless they fit a person’s pre-conceived paradigm.  In that, is part of the problem with climate change.  For a tilt of the earth’s axis is a natural event, not manmade, kind of hard to manipulate people.      
            The other problem I have is the blaming of carbon being a guilty culprit.  Carbon is as essential to life as is oxygen.  Both of these elements are extremely critical to sustain life.  Carbon to plants is as needed as oxygen is necessary to animals/humans.  One can not live with out the other.
            The other thing is, carbon is called a greenhouse gas.  Think about that.  In a greenhouse, the life of a plant is enhanced and its growth is increased.  Since the critters of the world need plants for protection and food, one would think greenhouse gasses would be beneficial to have surrounding the good planet earth. 
            An agronomist told me, when he was going to college, they would add carbon dioxide to the greenhouse they were working in to stimulate plant growth.  The other thing is, these plants provide the oxygen we need to breathe.  Without plants converting CO2 to O2, we would soon expire. 
            So if people are blaming carbon for climate change……. Are they saying they want to kill plants and eventually kill life in general. 

            Photosynthesis is one of the very basic things one learns in High School science, which is not a requirement like it used to be.  The people that teach science now teach science in a way to fit their agenda rather teaching to learn, question and explore the things of life and how it operates.  

Friday, December 11, 2015

Bethune Lutheran Church

There are times when pieces fall together, when bits of information are accumulated.  The separate pieces by themselves are nice, and make good stories.  Then these relate to another piece and all of sudden the little piece has a bigger meaning. 
North of Bethune, CO was a small Lutheran Church that I had heard of.  I went looking for it and there it was, out on the prairie. 
DSCN2625 (1024x762)
It had recently lost its pastor and was now empty.  The parishioners were now going to neighboring churches in the area. What had begun as a pioneer dream was ending.  It is my understanding it still sits empty. 
It had its beginnings in 1890 as a home bible study church that grew into a congregation and a church was built.  In 1892 it was decided to build a church.  Members were assigned to contribute different materials by families.  Rocks were hauled in and there was lumber.  In 1892 the little rock church was built and services were held at their new church. 
By 1920 they had grown out of their church.  A new church was built in 1926, which is the one that still stands. 
DSCN2627 (1024x751)
It was a nice sized complex on the prairie.  Out back was the play ground and further was the cemetery.
DSCN2629 (640x480) 
DSCN2632 (640x478)
In 1955 a parsonage was built for the preacher.
This area was known as Settlement, where a group of Germans from Russia had settled in the 1880’s.  There were Post Offices in the area, general store and country schools.  It was a community more then it was a town. 

The people worked together and helped each other in times of need and raised their families.  Like so many things on the plains, the number of farms have declined and so has the population. 

today the prairie quiet lingers over the land, breezes of times past whisper into the attentive ear.  The white buildings a mute testimony of other days.  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Governance of a Country


The pastime of politics, makes for some pretty good humor.  comedians get some pretty good scripts poking fun at the politicians.  The crop this year does not lack its moments of absurdity.  Yet the politicians is supposed to be about governing a country.  From the candidates pandering to the presidency I have yet to see any that have the slightest notion on how to run a country. 

Hillary is so wrapped up in scandals and the medias is gaga over her, I have no idea if she grasps the concept of a country’s stature and its citizens.  She seems more interested in making good sound bites for the news cast then taking care of a country.  Then there is the Donald, he has become the king of the sound bites.  If the presidency was based on making good news copy he would be a shoo in.  Yet does any one have an idea how a country operates. 

If you are a dictator, who cares, the rules change and the population be dammed.  Hum, kind of sounds like a current practice. 

But really, look at the candidates, who would you like to have running the country?  People that make good comments, that you want to hear or one that makes the tough choices for the good of the many.  The other thing about good management is staying out of the way and letting people do their job, not micro mangers. 

The democrats had a decent candidate but he got lost in the mire of the holy Clinton masquerade.  The Republicans, have no one that has really shown he can lead. 

So what do we do?  I have heard there should be a revolution and kick everybody out and start all over.  It makes sense because the politicians are more interested in cronyism and greed then taking care of the country and its citizens.