Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Time


The drought has mellowed out winter.  It has been cold but no icy blasts so far.  The cold does not bother me much.  Get the parka out n flannel/wool shirts and I shall venture forth. 

It also makes a nice time to capture a few pixels.  The trees are barren, the weeds are shuttered and the grasses dormant.  It is when nature goes for a nap getting ready for spring.

DSCN2868 (1024x768)

I like the abstract pattern of the trees, the limbs, branches and their twists and turns.  It is amazing the patterns a tree has under all those leaves.  Oh yes fall colors are great but I like the nude tree also.

DSCN2914 (1024x768)

Then there are the sunsets of winter.  Biting icy fingers crawl over the face, standing facing the setting sun.  Sunsets are a dime a dozen but the hand of man makes it different.

It is amazing how we clutter up the country side with technology.  A cellphone tower sits in the middle of somewhere.  High power utility towers race over the horizon.  Interrupted  by a tree.  On far horizon is the shallow outline of the Rocky Mountain foothills.

All the latest gadgets.  Surrounded in our homes, our cars and in the office. 

To truly escape technology is almost impossible.  An escape in the mind;s eye.

Have a good week and may the Lord bless your travails.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Godless Democrats


Godless Democrats

            If you want to watch God leave the United States, Watch the Democrats.  They are the big ones pushing to rid the country of God.  At their national convention, the Democrats left God out of the Democratic platform.  The Democrats wanted to be a Godless political party. 

            Some people wanted to put God back into the party platform and were able to bring it up for a convention vote.  The anti-God people tried to shout them down, and keep God out of the Democratic platform.  By a narrow margin God stayed in the platform of the democrats.  Yet the very idea that God had been sidelined by the powers that be in the Democratic platform is dis-heartening.

            Look at the Democrats over time.  The ACLU has been in the forefront of filling lawsuits to remove God from Government.  The so called Christian Democrats have said nothing to the ACLU to stop.  Next are the atheists, again the professed Christian Democrats have not spoken up.  Then there is the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


DSCN2037 (768x1024)

            The Christian Democrats have issues, if they are Christian.  They need to start speaking up or form another political party.  For the aim of the powers that be in the Democratic hierarchy is to kick God under the bus. 

            A vote for a Democrat is a vote to kick God to the curb.  They don’t like to hear this but there is a reality of what transpired at the national convention.  There is also the reality of the ACLU.  So many democrats dismiss these and come up with excuses.  Well excuses are not acceptable.  You vote Democrat, you have voted to deny God.

            If you don’t like Republicans, that is fine but at least vote for God not the Godless demagogues.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ugly Democrats



Election Thoughts


Ugly Democrats


This past 4 plus years has seen some of the ugliest name calling in political history.  Insults and cheap shots are not unusual but to harangue for years is ugly.  The Democrats did a pretty good job of demonizing people that criticized Obama with racial slurs and race baiting.  The favorite name for Republicans and other critics of the President was, “Sons a Bitches.” 

            At a political rally with the union in a rust belt town, the union leader told Obama, We’ll get those SonsaBitches for you.”  The President did nothing in response to this name calling and derogatory name calling.  Obama accepted the statement by doing nothing.  This is acceptable behavior as far as the president is concerned.

IMGP6439 (1024x680)


            Throughout his reign as President, Obama has said nothing about the race baiting and he has said nothing about the name calling.  The implication by Obama is that racism is acceptable and derogatory name calling is acceptable, if they are a Republican.

            Obama sets the tone for his party in what he says or does not say.  To demonize the Republicans was very acceptable in the eyes of the President.  No longer was the Democratic party led by a noble gentleman.

            What’s maddening is there are Republicans that are crawling down into the Obama sewer and calling the democrats names.  Usually the Republicans can rise above the gutter and have a bit of dignity.

IMGP6449 (1024x680)


            Then this whole deal of the past 4 years has reminded me of the playground bully in grade school.  They call others a name…. your choice….. and then threaten them.  In return they say they will stop if they can have their lunch money.  Next day on the playground the scene repeats itself.  The name calling continues and the lunch money is handed over.  Soon other students take up the name calling for they want to be part of the group and not be bullied.  Sound familiar, look at how the Democrats have conducted themselves over the past 4 years.

            There are Democrats who profess to be Christians.  Have they spoken up about the demonizing of the Republicans?  A Christian is there to build people up, help others and rebuke those who demonize.  So my question to those who profess to be Christians, are you going to stand up and make your voice be heard or are you going to let Satan to continue the name calling and demonizing?  There could be a much more civil country if people would stand up.

IMGP6472 (1024x680)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trains in Miniature


One of my passions in life is model railroading.  I have been building small trains and their accessories for a number of years.  More then I can count on my fingers and toes.  I post most of my dabbling in this world on railroad sites.  So I decided to do a small post on here.

This past week I went to a model train show and made a couple of videos and took some pictures of a few of my models.

DSCN2781 (1024x768)

DSCN2795 (1024x768)

The old time trains, not many model them any more.  These are from the 1850’s to the end of the 19th century.  These were the first little engines to roll cross country and over the mountains.  Only a couple of places in the country that have been able to preserve these little puffers.

DSCN2799 (1024x768)

DSCN2807 (1024x768)

On a cold dark night I clunk away, putting parts and pieces together.  Then I watch them circle the miniature empire.

Bit of an ego trip involved.  But the rewards are great when one sees the smiles on the faces.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Few Election Thoughts

Part I

            Finally the Puffery is over, the politicians can breathe easy for a bit.  The president remains the same and congress did not change much.  Politics has such an impact on our lives, so I want to look at what was voted for. 
            The democrats got the victory and they want a bigger government.  From that want more benefits from government.  They expect the big government to provide for them, expanded welfare, food stamps and healthcare.  There are some that want a dole from the government and more leisure time.
            The democrats also want God out of their lives.  At the Democratic national convention, God was removed from the platform.  When God was placed back in to the Democratic platform He was booed and derided by those who opposed putting God back into the platform.  The Democrats voted for a Godless country.
            They also voted for increased rules and regulations to control the lives of the populace.  They voted for more “Green Energy” programs, more intrusion into personal lives and the focus of life is to come from Big Government.
            Look at what else they voted for.  Continued high un employment, bigger debt, more taxes and increased poverty.
            The past four years of the Obama and the democrat’s reign has not changed the economic outlook of the United States.  Bush was a convenient culprit yet Obama’s regime has buried the hapless, mired many more into poverty.  Economic classes have fallen by brackets.  Obama’s spots will not change, he will spend more money, borrow more and push the country further into debt.  The democrats voted for poverty, no jobs.
            It is one thing to holler about losses but look what the people voted for….. That is where we are headed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Clock Eyed


Not sure who to talk with but I wish the politicians would stop messing with my clock.  This day is one of my least favorites.  The spring change I even like less. 

Believe I’m gonna write my local congressman and tell him to get the political types out of my clock.  No matter how one looks at it, time does not vary.  It is us little peoples that get messed by clock eyed politico's.

Now where is clock smashing mallet?

DSCN1996 (1024x768)

Was reading that some people are upset about businesses making money on the clean up after the east coast storm.  They think the government should be doing it.  Where business is working at clean up they are out performing the government workers…… hum wonder why.

One day a few people may understand where taxes come from…… profits.  Without businesses there would be not much to tax and there would be no wealth for the government to confiscate.

Basically if one is not a capitalist, they are a communist.  The two forms of economic distribution.  Yup there are variations but if one is against capitalism ….. what are they for?

DSCN2005 (1024x768)

Now if I could get my clock to stop falling all over itself I might go for a ride. 

Hop in, go see the country side, take some pictures, wander the grassland, listen to some tunes and have cold lunch.

Hope you are having a great one.