Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things WE Approve Of


Read the other day that the president's approval rating was over 60%.  That’s higher then his reelection margin was.  Couple of things strike me, what are we approving and is it a real poll.

To approve what the president is doing indicates what the society wants from the government. 

As a society we say that it is okay to have high unemployment, low job creation and an expanding poor class of citizenry.  There are now over 50 million people on food stamps, poverty, and I don’t know how many of welfare.  As a country, this is what the majority of citizens that live in it want, a growing lower class of citizens, a shrinking middle class.

The citizens also approve of the violation of the law.  Recently the courts stated that Obama had violated the Constitution.  He has been accused of that numerous times.  Look at illegal immigration, the buzz topic now.

Then there is the use of executive order, getting the bureaucracy to make regulations that impose a burden on business.  One of the biggest complaints of business is the excess rules and regulations. 

Then there is the healthcare.   So many want from the government yet who will pay.  The fat cats, the super rich will be taxed at a higher rate.  60% of the citizens approve of higher taxes. 

They also approve of belittling the republican party.  It is okay to demonize others but don’t say anything about me.  It is amazing what people approve of.

So really what does one approve of.

Is it really 60% of the people that approve of Obama’s job.  Do people really like to see others out of work.  Do they like to see people falling into poverty.  Do they like to pay higher taxes so a few can get richer.

DSCN3251 (1024x762)

Does the media like to twist data around so that people are  glorified at the expense of others while demonizing others.  Why has the media become so hateful.

To me it is embarrassing to see so many people out of work and subsisting on the government dole.  The richest country in the world can not help its citizens find work, help create jobs.

This is the third recession I’ve lived through.  It is also the longest.  Even under Jimmy Carter the turn down only lasted a couple of years.  And then when the next president tried a stimulus it did not work.  Then the government has not been very successful in moving the economy.  Something politicians can't get a handle on.

So What is it we really are approving, poverty and a down trodden society….. is that the legacy you want.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Illusion of Hollywood


One of the neat things about the Internet is how it has shrunk the world and opened windows all over.  Some of these windows take me into the past.  Now on the web are collections of old TV shows and movies.

Watching these old flickers shows the many changes that there are that really haven’t changed.  The most noticeable changes are in styles and technology.  People haven’t changed that much.  There were obnoxious people back then as well as great people.

There were bad story lines back then and thay are still bad.  Some of the more enduring stories are the ones that mimic some of the old classic stories, IE Shakespeare.  Watched “Taming of the Shrew,” other night, except it wasn’t titled that.  It was a John Wayne western.

Then there is the quest story, which is what made the first “Star Trek,” shows so great.  Oh wow, talk about a change in technology.

DSCN3117 (1024x768)

Picture of a cowboy from a 100 years ago.  Look at all the changes that remain the same.  Again it is style, looks or appearance.

Then there is the theme of the good guys, us, vs. the bad guys, them. A theme that can be followed all the way back to classic literature of the ancient world.

One of the current TV shows I watch is “Blue Bloods.”  It has an unusual portrayal of family life.  And, yes there is the good guys and bad ones.  But look at the family portrayed. 

Hollywood wants this dysfunctional family to be portrayed as the noble family, the american pie collection.  They have family dinners but look at the age disparity, lack of marriages or divorces and the living arrangements.  Then from that look at the relationships portrayed outside of the family, that’s where it gets scary.  Yet the program is decent drama and has a good following. 

The troubling part is how relationships are portrayed by Hollywood.  The dysfunctional families are portrayed as being normal and people accept the abnormal as being the way to live.

DSCN3306 (1024x768)

So what does one anchor their life on, what could be considered as acceptable behavior?

Looking back over the centuries at the variety of stories, some of the greatest stories, are ones from conflict.  The torment the protagonists deal with as they live out their lives.  Where is peace found, how does one sail on an even keel, why does the roller coaster life appeal to so many?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being Presidential


I didn’t watch the inauguration, but I did read some articles and there were the pictures.  Two things struck me, the pomp and ceremony of royalty and aging.

Politicians are slowly evolving into a royal family club.  So much money is lavished on them, they make the kings and queens of Europe look like pikers.  Your choice of political party, both live extremely lavish lifestyles.  There are dukes, princess and princesses who would be envious of their lifestyles.

They get very large expense accounts, a generous staff and budget for their office.

Looking at the events, it came across as watching a royal coronation.  The royal family in oohs and ahhs.  We the taxpayers foot the bill…. harumph.

DSCN3235 (1024x768)

The other was the aging.  Obama is no longer the young vibrant looking stud.  Then there was Bill Clinton, the antique fossil.  Bush in his last years in office was frazzled looking and very worn out. 

To me this points to reasons to start looking at shorter terms for presidents.  The last two years Bush was in office, he gave the impression he was marking time.  Clinton carried on the same way. There is lots of pressure leading a country, from both the opposition and the international front.   About 6 years puts lots of stress on a person.  Maybe one term of 6 years and that’s it.

Oh maybe do like the brits, their Prime Minster goes out to pasture without a pension.

Then maybe term limits for all members of congress.  That would be nice.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Myth of Global Warming


Found the following article interesting in that it points to things the global warming people do not address.  One is photosynthesis and the heat content of water as opposed to the content in air.

High school science class was learning the process of photosynthesis.  The balance the atmosphere keeps because of this process.  If there was an overabundance of carbon in the atmosphere, breathing would be difficult.

photo(63) (212x212) 


 by Steve Goreham

Originally published in The Washington Times

December 7, 2009 is a date that will live in infamy. Not only in memory of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but the day the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared carbon dioxide to be a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

The 52-page EPA Endangerment Finding can be summarized simply. The agency concluded that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases emitted by US industry and vehicles were causing dangerous global warming. The EPA stated that these gases “…threaten the public health and welfare of current and future generations.” The agency relied on studies by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations, the U.S. Global Climate Research Program, and the National Research Council.

That ruling is bizarre. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is an invisible, odorless, harmless gas. It does not cause smoke or smog. The rising visible plumes from the smokestacks of a power plant are not CO2. That’s condensing water vapor. We can’t see carbon dioxide.

The EPA ruling failed to include nature’s largest greenhouse gas, water vapor. Scientistsestimate that 75 percent to 90 percent of Earth’s greenhouse effect is due to water vapor and clouds. As any eighth-grade chemistry student learns, burning hydrocarbon fuel produces both carbon dioxide and water vapor. When natural gas (methane) is burned, two water vapor molecules are produced for each carbon dioxide molecule. Since water vapor is a greenhouse gas produced by human industry, the EPA should declare water a pollutant by its own logic.

Rather than being a pollutant, CO2 is green! Carbon dioxide is plant food, a compound essential for plant photosynthesis. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies show that higher levels of atmospheric CO2 cause plants to grow faster and larger. Wheat, orange trees, pine trees, hardwood trees, prairie grasses, and even poison ivy thrive in higher levels of CO2.

Plants grow larger root systems, produce more seeds and vegetables, and bloom larger flowers with more CO2. Tree wood density increases. Plants grow better in poor soil and drought conditions with higher levels of atmospheric CO2. In fact, if we wanted to put one compound into the atmosphere that would be great for the biosphere, carbon dioxide is that compound. Yet, almost every university and company now tracks the size of its “carbon footprint” and tries to reduce carbon emissions.

But isn’t it true that too much of anything can be bad for the environment? Yes in the case of real pollutants such as carbon monoxide or lead, but carbon dioxide is a harmless compound that is common in nature. The 2007 IPCC Carbon Cycle Model estimated that the atmosphere contained 750 billion tons of carbon in the form of CO2 with an additional 38,000 billion tons of carbon dissolved in the oceans. Mankind adds a comparably small 6 billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere each year.

The current atmospheric level of 394 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide is actually somewhat on the low side. Dr. William Happer of Princeton University points out that atmospheric CO2 reached several thousand ppm in past ages. Geological evidence shows that life flourished during those past times of high CO2.

Over 190 nations are currently gathered in Doha, Qatar, attempting to negotiate a global treaty to restrict carbon dioxide emissions. Future generations will regard the early 20thcentury as an age of climate foolishness.

Steve Goreham is Executive Director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and author of the new book The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania.



I visited with a farm manager this past summer when in Kansas.  We got to talking about things and one of them was global warming.  He pooh pooed it.  He said when going to college, if they wanted to increase production in the greenhouse, CO2 would be added.  I asked him, are you saying that all these loose carbon particles, which are being blamed for global warming, actually increase crop production.  He smiled at me.


It is amazing how people distort facts for personal gain, fed by greed.  It is amazing how rich some of the global warming advocates are becoming.  Kind of reminds me of the circus guy, a sucker is born every minute.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

How Dry I Am


During the days of Prohibition that was the title of a ditty that would be sung.  Today it refers to the weather.

There have been dabs of snow but seldom more the nan inch.  We need a good snow, measured with a yardstick.  Without the moisture there will not be many crops or grass for livestock.

When the front came trough last week the wind kick up pretty good and it was blowing dust.  There was more dirt in the air then there was snow.  It is getting pretty ugly dry around here and I read that we are not alone.  The drought stretches from the gulf up to Canada.  This is the major bread basket for the country.  This is the land of grains and cows.  Big Mac’s, wieners, pasta and cereals. 

If moisture does not show up, the price of food will be going up.  Add inflation and it will be more expensive to live in the upcoming months.  Then add the tax hikes in for the different programs, there are going to be some poor people running around crying.

DSCN3173 (1024x759)

The grasses should be covered with snow, not tufts sticking out.  Here the cattle graze, well used to but if there is no grass.  Many ranchers are selling off their cattle for they have no food for them.  Less cattle for market, the price of meat will go up.  It also places a larger demand on feed for livestock which takes away form other grain production.

Drive out across the country, the furrows of fields are empty where there should be strips of green in the furrows.  Farmers planted crops last fall in hopes of moisture.  They also planted knowing that even if the crop fails they will get money from the government.

People like the farmers will not suffer much from the drought because of the government money but boy will they complain and cry over no moisture.

Who will hurt are the poor people for they seldom have surplus income, and that includes the people on welfare.  The seniors will also be penalized because of food price increases.

Like it or not, Mother Nature, plays a major role in our lives.  For some it is not man that influences nature, it is nature that influences man.

DSCN3146 (1024x686)


If moisture does not show up this spring, there will be lots of changes and it won’t be from the government. 

Lots of our food production goes to exports.  With the drought, domestic food prices may jump enough where it will be better so sell in the domestic market.  We do get some of our food from imports.

It will be interesting to see how the drought influences our lifestyles over the next couple of years.  If I remember right, drought cycles last 3-5 years.

Gonna have to dust off that old prohibition dry song, How Dry I Am.  Maybe make a top 10 tune….. heheheh

Sunday, January 6, 2013



The amazing statement people make.  I am to trust them because they said it.  Then when I question the substance of their statement, they get all upset.  It is, How dare you question me.

When I was growing up, one of the things instilled in me was to question things, it was a learning process.  If I don’t understand things, ask questions or if it is not clear ask questions.  So, questions I did ask.  Then as I grew older, I learned a few things.  I took classes in philosophy, which was the very questioning of the order of life.  It was, no, that is not how it is, it is this way, why was the response.  So a person would have to present their thesis with evidence to support their statement.

Today, people put their hypothesis forth with none or very little supporting evidence and expect people to believe it, just because they said it.

I follow some people on facebook that are like that.  They say don’t do this or that, or not buy this.  They don’t say why or anything, it is an empty statement.  Then question them, better get the storm gear on and be ready for a tantrum.

So many people want to be an authority that they will follow along with others, even when it is a half truth.  Look at all of the different stories and blogs out there.  How many support their statements.  Even the weatherman is not always there supporting their forecast.

IMGP6471 (1024x680)

Arrogance is a psychological disorder, it can be ;looked up.  One of the key parts of arrogance is that arrogant are never wrong.  That is why they blow up when questioned.  They also tend to be control freaks.  Watch people around, especially in crowds and listen to so,e of the statements that are made.  The authoritiarian voice they speak in, they edge of anger or the bully tone.  Then look in the mirror, how close am I to being that way. 

A bit of education can mess one up and if that education comes from a big name school it even messes things up more.  Then there are those that think they have an education…. look out.

Listen to the politicians talk.  Watch their manipulation of facts and how they distort them to fit their agenda.  But do not dare to question them.

IMGP6466 (1024x680)

The Black Lagoon

Hilary Clinton’s injuries and medical problems were questioned by some.  Boy did some people get hateful over the questioning of her problems.  It was how dare you question what happened to her.  It was, like the truth was irrelevant.

To wonder why one would question her actions, one has to look at her past history of responses to other damming situations she has been in.  Actions speak louder then words.  Just one speaks does not make one and authority or correct.  Even if they say they are correct……. or….. trust me.

Then I ask….”Why can't I question you, you work for me, you are on the taxpayers salary rolls?”

Arrogant people get so mad, especially when they are not in control.