Saturday, December 21, 2013



A Tour of

Town Lights


On this solstice day, let the light return.  The use of lights to brighten up the darkness of winter was used to brighten up the celebration of Christmas. 

I took a tour of the the local decorations around town, some were pretty simple to very elaborate.  Yet it was enjoyable to drive around town seeing what others have done.  I went to some of the neighboring towns.  Even the small one, maybe 100 people live there, had decorated their town for Christmas.

Most of these little towns were built on the highway, so main street would also be the highway.  The street lamps became posts to hang decorations from and the highway would become well lit. 

It was also interesting the different decorations.  Gives one an insight to what Christmas means to them.  One disheartening note was the lack of manger scenes.  Santa out numbered Jesus.

IMGP8081 (800x531)IMGP8086 (800x487)IMGP8090 (800x520)


Didn’t realize I had taken so many pictures till I started sorting them for this post. 

IMGP8091 (800x497)IMGP8098 (520x800) (2)IMGP8103 (589x800)

IMGP8105 (800x531)IMGP8111 (800x508)IMGP8119 (800x522)IMGP8121 (800x512)IMGP8122 (800x534)IMGP8126 (800x532)IMGP8128IMGP8134 (800x531)

IMGP8114 (800x531)IMGP8117 (800x531)IMGP8204 (800x531)IMGP8226 (800x491)

IMGP8190 (800x518)IMGP8195 (800x531)IMGP8198 (800x511)IMGP8201 (800x657)

IMGP8208 (800x491)IMGP8211 (800x531) (2)IMGP8212 (800x531)IMGP8213 (800x531)IMGP8215 (800x511)IMGP8219 (800x531)IMGP8222 (800x531)IMGP8223 (617x800)

IMGP8139 (800x531)IMGP8142 (800x520)IMGP8146 (800x504)IMGP8152 (800x531)IMGP8154 (800x531)IMGP8159 (800x513)IMGP8162 (800x531)IMGP8175 (684x800)IMGP8176 (800x639)IMGP8181 (800x509)

May you and your family be blessed this Christmas and Have a Happy New Year.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The stupid President and his Democrats


It is amazing how some people grab on to things, just like  bull dog.  Even if it is not working, they cling to a false hope, and illusion that it will work.  One of the biggest problems of arrogance is they will not admit they are wrong.  They have such a denial level. 

The health care act is not working and in lots of areas it is an abject failure.  Yet the Democrats cling to it.  They say it will get better.  Some one needs to invoke the Lemon Law on the Democrats.   For the ACA is one of the biggest failures ever perpetuated  on the American people.    Yet getting the little arrogant bastards to admit things are not working………………………

Look back over history, any problems in the country have come from poor politics.  Our recessions have been the result of government policy in regards to financial institutions.  Our wars, from poor politics.  The Civil War is the best example of that.

What is it going to take to get the Democrats to admit things are not working and scrap things.    


Do the Democrats want control so bad, they would destroy the country.  It appears they have become so hateful, that they don’t care but to be like dictators. 

What’s maddening is the Republicans are so undermanned and gutless that the Democrats are running the country like Autocrats.  They show no regard for the people they are harming.  When it is the government that is causing harm to its population there will be a backlash. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Theft By Government


Well I hope everybody is ready for another shut down of government.  The people in DC remind of a bunch of alcoholics.  They want more and they want more until the pass out point arrives.

Not sure when the people will wake up and see where there tax dollars are going.  Close to 50% is going to foreign powers, from interest to support of foreign governments.

So many of the taxes we pay we do not see.  Corporations pay the bulk of taxes and that is just a pass on cost of doing business for many.  All the goodies for Christmas one buys racks up the taxes that corporations pay from all those big profits we generate for them.


IMGP2239 (2) (800x525)

Washington can not stop their bad habits of overspending.  Like the drunken sailor said, when I run out of money, my spending stops.  Washington doesn’t grab that concept, they just go borrow more to spend more.

It would be nice to have a bottomless purse like that but my pockets are full of lint.  Not much money left over after the DC boys grab it.  If I don’t pay, I am threatened with jail and the people that arrest me, prosecute me, will be paid by tax dollars I have sent them. 

The bully pulpit of the government, uses your money to extort you and bribe you.  Aren’t we suckers and we re elect them.  We are so stupid at times.

Wonder what typed of revolution we are going to have?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pearl Harbor


The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is slowly sinking into the dim memory files for many.  No longer is this brutal day etched in the minds of many.  The news reels of the attack are seldom played and Hollywood has glossed over the brutal horror of death

This day touches me in various ways.  There were some local people that were there.  One was on the Arizona, the local VFW is named in his honor.  I also had an uncle there.  He had enlisted in the Navy to get out of the depression and dust bowl. 

He seldom talked about that day until later in life.  He also carried such a hatred for the Japanese.  Any thing Japanese was detested by him.  If he got a present that said made in Japan, it was in the trash in a hurry. 

He was asleep in the barracks when the attack started in the early dawn hours.  He said he was angry being woken up so early after a night on the town. 

Running outside, he saw what was happening.  He ran back to the barracks and grabbed his rifle and headed back outside.  His buddy grabbed some ammo and followed.  They found a knoll near the billets to shoot from.  Uncle was shooting at the planes, buddy was reloading the rifle and clips.  They stayed there shooting at the Zeroes until they were gone. 

I’ll never forget the low anger in his voice as he told his story.

Being a medic, he had to deal with lots of the carnage, the torn and dead bodies.  It left a deep scar on him that he kept buried for decades. 

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here was a day that will not fade for a few, yet the few are fading.  The 9-11 attack has replaced much of the anger and focus.  Yet what Japan did, left a deep scar on many.  Germany was nasty but they did not reach into the psyche of the country like Japan did.

Yet this evil is still out there.  There are people that still want to dominate the world and what country they will arise from is unknown.