Tuesday, October 29, 2013

White House …… Slaver….


Dr. Ben Carson said that the Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery.  He is so correct in his assessment, it is scary.   Slavery is a form of control over another or something. 

Supposedly the Civil War ended slavery, but slavery can take many forms.  When one is controlled by someone or something, it is a type of slavery.  One of the things that separates out absolute slavery from the other forms is the ability to opt out this lifestyle without a penalty of any kind.

Examples are work, we are controlled by our supervisors/owners, if we are an employee.  Yet at any time one can leave that job without any type of penalty.  Bosses may get upset and make all kinds of remarks but that is it, I can walk away. 

What happens when I refuse the government health care,….. I am penalized, by what is called a tax.  If I refuse to pay that tax….. what happens…. all the powers of the Federal government comes to full force on me. 

Now a slave in the 17-1800’s etc, would suffer some severe consequences also, whippings, beatings to being killed.  Look at the parallels of being a slave, prior to the Civil War and what is happening today.  Like it or not, we hostage to the government, if we don’t pay our taxes, we are looking at prison time.   Pretty nasty way to treat the people they are supposed to be helping.

Yes master will soon become a byword in society and who will be the masters?

Look what happened to the reporter that was writing a story about Homeland Security.  Her house was ransacked and her notes pertaining to the story were confiscated.  How the government has been treating its people lately is pretty damm scary.

Yet as a society we have given up so many freedoms to government laws.  No longer can one be independent, there are so many government rules to follow and like sheep, most to just roll along to a country of slaves to its government. 

Want to be strong and powerful,  Go become a politician and get elected president, You can rule with an iron fist over a flock of meek sheep.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Spam…… tastic


This past couple of weeks have seen hits galore on my blog site.  The spammers have been on one blog in particular, over 1000 hits on a blog I wrote over 3 years ago.  Not sure what caught their attention but it is like flies on shit.

Spam is not unusual, it is part of the deal. For the most part, they have been commercial.  Nothing vile or nasty, just looking for more readers.  Like most people I enjoy shopping and I check out some of the spam sites on occasion just to see.  Only once was it a porn site. 

DSCN4928 (600x800)

What’s interesting is how many of the spam comments are very flattering.  Could be an ego booster if they were serious.  Being an old buzzard have seen things like this in the past and will see more in the future.  Not much new in the world, outside of the gadgets. 

One of these days, I need to get a can of bacon flavored spam,  Heard it was pretty good.  Cook it up, add some eggs n taters.  Then sit in the open air and enjoy nature.  Jest get away from the spams of life.  Now to find my old cast iron skillet or grill…… heading for the great outdoors.

Have a blessed weekend.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Joys of Snow


Woke in the morning, looked out the window and the ground was dappled with frosty flakes of snow.  Large flakes were a falling, size of quarters and bigger.  Gently they tumbled earth ward.  Sinking into the warm earth, blotting the grasses and flowers.  Fall is here.

So many people carp, gripe and complain about winter, yet it is part of God’s creation and I really don’t want to make him upset.  Plus I enjoy the white stuff, I rejoice in for it is what replenishes life.  The solid liquid awaiting the spring warmth.  I can wear some different clothes, stay warm and go forth and partake of God’s gift.

DSCN4875 (600x800)

A light dusting making new clothing of white mantles to wear for a bit. 

I know there are those who do not like snow and they tend to live in areas where it does not snow.  They have their hot summers, swelter in the humidity or eat the sands of the dessert. For them that is where they want to be.  These are the choices we have in life and many exercise their God given right to make choices. 

Man is extremely adaptable and can live under a variety of conditions.  The searing heat of the dessert, to the frozen tundra of the polar regions.  Even with the right equipment, man can live in the water.  The submarine stays underwater for months at a time.  Then man lives in space, floating high in space, encapsulated in a tiny space vessel. 

DSCN4892 (588x800)

To complain about the snow, nope for it is but a brief moment in time.  As I write this, most of the snow has melted and the temps are in the mid 40’s.  Yes Fall truly is a wondrous time of year.  The Four Seasons can be had in a week. 

Walking, time to forth chase the steps my shoes are making.  Trod gently into that good day the Lord has given me.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mother Nature’s Breath


With all the rain we’ve had and the flooding, one would think it would be green and lush on the plains.  Well Mother nature has a way of reminding man that she is in charge.  We have had some heavy winds off and on over the past week and it has dried out the surface of the dirt.  Last week this drying showed up.

Fields were blowing and clouds of dust were reaching skyward.  There were flocks of tumbleweeds chasing each other across the land.  So much work goes into the land and then there it goes, up in dust. 


Made a short video the storm blowing things around.  It was amazing the watch the tumbleweeds scurry over the roadways.  Just want to meet the bigger ones.  They can scratch real easy an or plug up radiators.

Had to use headlights, for visibility, not mine but so others seen me.  It was twilight at 3:00 pm.

DSCN4864 (800x600)

The wind has settled down and there was rain later that eve.  So the dust is pretty light.  Yet when the storm front kicks through, it roars through.  Rearranging lots of things.  Then is part of the changing seasons.  There are glorious fall days and knifing winds cutting into the soul. 

DSCN4794 (800x600)

Soon the goblins and spooks will be prowling the byways.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

White House Dictator…. a wanna be

There has been all types of discussion about the shutdown of government.  Yes it is a political show but there is also something bigger, individual freedom is at stake and so many miss that.
Freedoms are lost by laws passed and that includes taxes.  When the taxpayer is working to support a government that returns nothing a gaffe rolls out.  The population is hooked or they lash back and things get ugly.
The Healthcare act carries so many new taxes, the regulators could get to the point of confiscating all of ones income for taxes.  Very little about the taxing latitude of the regulators has been discussed.  When the bureaucracy has the ability to tax without congressional approval, there is danger.  look at what the bureaucrats did in the last election, what do you think they really want.
Right now if the Healthcare act is not stopped and the debt ceiling is not held, the populace will be at the vagaries of the government.  The executive branch will control the country and no longer will the halls of congress have any impact. 
Look at all of the executive orders Obama has been issuing and there have not been any uproar about it until this shutdown. 
Ugly as it sounds, if Obama wins, one just as well start getting used to living under a single ruling empower and congress just as well go home.  The Healthcare act gives so much power to the executive branch and along with the Patriot Act, the President has extensive powers with no congressional check. 
Like it or not, if the Republicans cave into the President, the country has been lost and the change Obama wanted will be locked in, Marxism. 
Yes we’ve been bellyaching at the politicians for the shutdown, but there is a bigger issue then political gain.  Look at how the different government agents have been treating the general population.  Throwing people out, locking people out, arresting people, and it is almost a police state.  That is scary how these people are acting on the White House orders.
Understand why the constitution has been so ferociously attacked the present ruling democrats.  It about people control, 
The Democrats want to destroy the Republicans so bad, they will destroy the US in the process.  So hope the Republicans will stand their ground, for me and for you. 
Forget about politics, look at what is really at stake….

Friday, October 4, 2013

Closed….. go away


The vets did not like that idea and took matters into their own hands.  Three Cheers fro them. 

Two things over this incident; one the ease in which the police followed the orders of the White House, second how public property gets politicized. 

During Hitler's regime in Germany, The order to eliminate opposition was blindly followed although they knew it was morally wrong to carry out Hitler’s orders.  At the Nuremburg trails, the defense that most of the Nazi's used, “I was following orders.”  This defense was not acceptable and many of the Nazi’s were convicted of war crimes for following the leaders orders.

Following the leader is one thing, it is another not to question orders that are conflicting.  I see so many blindly following Obama is scary.  They do not question his edicts', it is much like the German blindly following the Nazi’s orders.

The other is how Obama has treated the military.  His first 30 days in office.  He wanted the active duty military to pay for their health care, then he wanted to cut the benefits to the retired military and finally stop veterans benefits.  Obama has very low view of the military he is supposed to be commander and chief of. 

So it is not surprising that the WWII vets charged through the barricades that were erected around the memorial.  Most the vets I know have a deep dislike for the president and a few have choice syllables.  Then who would like to be labeled a terrorist after serving their country.




Within the scheme of things, the closing of national parks, monuments etc. is very minuscule in the overall picture.  I’m surprised the people that operate the concessions in the Parks…. etc. have not sued the government for loss of income, for do the parks really need to be shut down?

Look at all of the other departments, how many of them are really important, dept. of energy, dept. of education, oh the local districts run the schools, foreign aid…. and you can add your own list.

The scare tactics of the media are getting well worn and thread bare.  Then in the past, the chicken little stories from the media have worked and until wake up, chicken little will keep strutting around.


Is the federal government really that important in your life?  What do they have that you can not live with out?