Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bits Here and There


Nature is my neighbor, sometimes not enjoyable when it is mice and spiders.  Then when Mr 10 point shows up.

IMGP5619 (1024x612)

He spent the afternoon there, relaxing in the shade under the semi trailer.  Later that afternoon I saw why he was lounging there.  As he grazed, he hobbled.  He had injured a leg and was not up to speed.  That evening some of hos does showed up for the evening meal.

Better then any television show.

IMGP5623 (1024x680)

A few days later on the way to the clinic I spotted this guy in the bar ditch.  When I went past, it just watched me.  Making a U turn and going back slowly it did not like.  To wing it took and landed in the pasture to watch me.  Make another U turn and as I’m leaving it flies back to the ditch to finish its meal.

One of many reasons why I like to avoid driving on the main highways.

We finally got some nice showers in the area.  The brown pasture above should show some green spots shortly.  Lots of lightening rolls in with the storms.  As long as there is no damage, lightening is spectacular to watch.

I hope other dry spots in the country get moisture.  We are right on the edge of the dust bowl and dry land makes the old timers nervous.

IMGP5625 (1024x680)

Drought makes for some spectacular Dust Devils.  This one was close to 300 feet in the air, about 10 miles away.  Hoping this area got some showers also.  Knock the dusty devils down.

Nature has its own rhythm, it’s just that sometimes we don’t want to dance to the tune.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Damm People


Yep, that’s what I said…… dam damm dam people.   Someone goes on a shooting spree and kills some people and out of the wood work crawl the anti gun people.

Laws do not change behavior, they provide consequences.  Even the consequences do not stop behavior.

For centuries people have been killing people and all kinds of laws have been passed and people still kill other people. 

IMGP4717 (1024x680)

We live in a world full of evil people and this will not change.  So why do the anti-gun people think if they act like god’s and pass laws against guns the killing will stop.  It is one of the most stupid assumptions. 

On to their god box they jump, telling people they will be safer if guns are outlawed.  What a myth.


It is very simple…… The Constitution says the citizens of the United States have the right to bear arms.  There are no restrictions in the Second Amendment.  Yet lawmakers have compromised on  this amendment to shut up the cry babies.  None of these gun laws have stopped the killings.

Because of these compromises the Constitution is slowly eroding into oblivion.  When are a few people gonna stand up and tell the cry baby liberals……. NO…… emphatic…… NO.

Hey… got me two cents.

Have a good week.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

That’s what it is…… YUP


The supreme court handed down a ruling the republicans didn’t like.  But is it really bad for the republicans?

It defined a tax, what a tax is and there isn’t much room to wiggle in.  Any revenue collected by the government is a tax, is what they said…… any revenue…. including penalties.

The republicans have complained about over taxation for years…. well it appears they were right.  The government sticks it’s tax collecting fingers in lots of pockets calling the collection of taxes a different name.  Your parking ticket, speeding, user fee, entrance fee ….. and the list goes on, is a tax.

Which is fine by me…. I like nice good solid definitions, not those grey matter fuzzy feel good things.


IMGP5269 (719x1024)

Now will some the fortitude and challenge lots of these fees for what they are……?


The state I live in, Colorado, has a balanced budget amendment and any new taxes have to go to the general population for a vote.

The dems went around that law by calling the revenue enhancement a user’s fee….. not a tax.

When will the distortions stop….?


Have a good week.