Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Things

Driving across a pasture the rare occurrence presents it self. There it was, setting in front of me, bobbing up and down and warily observing the strange critter in its territory.

These two little guys flew up out of their burrow and landed a short distance away. I slowly got the camera out and took a couple of pictures, then just sat there and watched them a few minutes.

As I was driving off another one flew up behind me and landed a short distance behind. It appears I disrupted a family get together.

Burrowing owls are few and far between. Not real big, maybe 12 inches in full height. Their legs are a tad longer then their more famous cousins, the Great Horned Owl or Barn Owl. The prairie dogs are no longer around. It appears they moved on or died off. Prairie dogs are notorious for catching the plague and or carrying the fleas.

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