Friday, October 22, 2010

Decline of Autumn


One of the markers for Fall is the corn harvest.  :Last year there were late rains and lots of the fields were to wet to get in and harvest.  This year it has been very dry and the harvest is rolling along.  A yellow ski hill of corn on the prairies.  That mound of corn will be covered with a plastic cover and sit until the contract date of delivery. 

Man does that look corny…… yeeee …. hhhhaaaaawwww.

In the morning I set and drink my coffee, out the window is the street.  A block down the way is a small cottonwood.  In the morning it would catch the morning rays and have a warm golden glow.  No longer, it is now brown and there were thunderstorms today.  Can you believe that, thunder and lightening today.  The small cottonwood is surrounded by huge elms that are now starting to show some yellow.  Unlike the cottonwood they don’t have a warm color.  Gently we are traveling into winter and the elm may make it to full yellow.

The scene out my window is changing for morning coffee.  Soon the turkeys will be parading down the street and the deer will be bedding down next door.  The cats will prowl around stalking the birds that flutter to my feeder.  Hopefully they catch more mice then they do birds. 

Yes it is a change of seasons and hopefully the politics will settle down.  I took my ballot to the courthouse today.  I am now an official voter.

What stinks is what the DC creeps are doing to the grey beards.  No Living adjustment for Social Security people.  For many in their 70’s an 80’s that is their only income.  Talk about keeping people poor and it is money that was given to the government in a trust fund.  People on welfare get more then they do.  The policy of the government is slowly creating a class warfare that will erupt unless something is really changed, not just lip service.

Fall is time for me to pause and reflect on my blessings and prepare for the advent season. 

My garden fed the grasshoppers and they are still hopping all over the yard looking for more green stuff to consume.  Gonna have to garden different next year or I will set a buffet for the ravenous little hoppers.  Got some more grass in the courtyard and the flowers were great.  They have enjoyed the gentle autumn and are in their greatest blossoms of the year.  When frost shows up their beauty will be but a memory and next year a spring ritual, plant some more.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I’ll fiddle with pictures at times to see what I can come up with.  I do not have photoshop, so I use what I have.  I used to have a darkroom and B&W is all I did.  Taking the color out of a digital does not have the snap of a good B&W.  It does create a nice effect though.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

One of my forth coming projects is to start through my photographs and move them to memory sticks.  A few I will upload to my web sites.  I have one with photobucket and the picasa for railroad pics and blog shots.

I’m surprised by the number of hits I’ve gotten at photobucket,  None of the shots are great, just good snap shots.  Yet there are those who go browsing pictures.  Actually a good way to be an armchair tourist.


Hope this finds all in good spirits and had a good week.  Have a great weekend and may God bless your activities throughout the next days.

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