Friday, June 10, 2011

Broken Darkness


Amber slices on the far wall.  The streetlight has found an opening between the curtain and the wall, dimly marking a slice on far wall.  Reminding that there is darkness beyond the walls.

 Sun has set, evening has closed the day, far side lies the warmth of Old Sol.   Amber flickers on the wall fade to gray dimness.  The golden orb is returning.  No longer is the far wall marked by street lamp.  Dull gray slices over the wall.  Dogs whine n scratch.  Morning routine is beginning.

New beginnings as darkness retreats, slashed by the golden orb.  Door opens, dogs scurry out, pausing to check the scents from the night.  clouds envelope the horizon, caressing the green grasses, brown earth.  Jewels of dew glisten on the branches as clouds swirl through the branches.

Gray sky blocks the light of day, a still lamp travels over the land, not yet is the darkness broken.  New day beckons.



Breezes flow on, marching to their silent drummer.  Whistling through time immemorial, marking steps unseen, carving monuments, changing all leaving nothing different.

With new day I usher forth another mark leaving behind that which is gone.  Looking to that which is there, always right there.

Coffee in hand, settle into chair, gaze out window at the grayness swirling about.  Little dogs curled up in corner.


May your weekend be a blessed and peaceful.

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