Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Steam


Summer is rolling to a close but it is no  longer the signal to start school.  Lots of things around Labor Day have been lost because of the early school starts.  Oh well, hope you had a great summer and Labor Day was kind of anti-climaniatic.

Union Pacific has a pair of big steam engines they run for various public relations.  Recently it was in Iowa for the state fair.  On its return trip to Cheyenne,Wy it came through here.  I drove out to Kansas and followed most of the way back to Denver.  It was a kick.  I am posting a few pics on here from my adventure.

DSCN1853 (1024x759)

The sun sets into the smoky haze near the Smoky Hill River.

IMGP5991 (1024x680)

The next morning it returned amid the haze of the smoke.

DSCN1861 (768x1024)

Sa the sun rose so did the steam off the engine.  early morning preparations have begun to get the big brute ready for the trip.

IMGP6009 (1024x860)

Up out of the Smoky Valley she climbs, spewing black smoke.  The sun has a glorious shimmer on the black beauty.

DSCN1842 (1024x768)DSCN1849 (1024x768)

Side rods churn, pistons pop, steam propels, there is a magic.

DSCN1876 (1024x768)DSCN1881 (1024x758)

When the engine stops for servicing, the spectators get up close and personal with the engine.

These old giants of railroading past are amazing to watch.  I also understand why they were replaced.  They take lots of feeding and work to keep em going.


Have a great one getting ready for Fall and the changes of the season…… Giddy up Ironhorse.

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