Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Death of President Kennedy The End of the Democratic Party as a Patriotic party.


When President Kennedy was shot in Dallas 50 years ago, it marked the end of the Democratic party being a party that had the interests of the country first.

When Vice President Johnson became President it marked a change in attitude.   Johnson showed no concern for the people he was sending to war in Vietnam.  He did not give them all the tools necessary to win.  He also stood down to pressure from communist China.  No longer were there bombing raids in the north or on the ports.  No full complements of equipment was given to the ground troops to chase across the border fleeing communists. 

Compare this to Kennedy’s duel with Khrushchev over the missile's in Cuba.   JFK did not bow down to the communists, he instead made demands on them and backed it up. 

Then there was the domestic agenda of Johnson, the “Great Society.”

Johnson had a view how people should live and began passing laws to effect how people live. 

Then there were the war protests.  They were ugly nasty and usually outside of the law.  Yet for the law breaking protestors there were no consequences.  No consequences for law breaking is very clear today for protestors.

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As the LBJ presidency continued, there was less and less concern for the people being killed in Vietnam.  Many of the draftees were referred to as cannon fodder.  There were the body counts, very impersonal.  Winning the war was no longer on the table.  Rather is was saving face…. well not really.  So many democrat cronies were making big money off of the war.  The longer young men in Nam were being killed the more money the cronies made. 

If a person looks closely at Nam, one can see some of the coddling of the communists. 

So when the anniversary date of Kennedy’s assassination rolls around, consider how Kennedy would of done in Vietnam and compare the conflicts of the previous presidents to the democratic presidents following his assassination. 

The democratic party has drifted so far to the left they have become cousins of Marx. 

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