Saturday, July 12, 2014

Third World …. Why?


With all the stuff going on at the border, with Mexico and Central America, made me wonder, why is there still such abject poverty in the world. Then I ask, why do these countries oppress their people?  Why has their political system failed the people?

For years, missionary groups have been going to these places.  The appeals from church groups resonate across the globe.  Yet after all these centuries of missionary work, the Christians have not been able to alleviate the poverty of the Third World.  Why have they failed, what is wrong. 

Are they providing a hand out rather then a hand up.  Is it their attitude, what are they doing wrong.  One would think they could be more successful in helping the poverty of the Third World to change.  Next, are all the pleas for donations bogus, do these people in the Third World really need a hand out, what’s missing. 

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Some of the answers can be seen in our own country.  Government relief versus church relief.  After the gulf hurricane, few years back, the Christian relief efforts were in position to help the victims of the hurricane immediately.  The government showed up later, usually weeks later.  Within weeks and months the Christian relief workers had aided the families and many were moving back in their homes.  The government was still working on helping over a year later.  Big difference. 

Then look at the Haiti earthquake.  The Christian relief effort was there the following day.  The government later that month.  Then when the food was being passed out, local gangs were stealing from the people, the marines had to be brought in to protect the workers and people from the gangs.  The local government did nothing. 

So what is really need to put abject poverty to rest?  Next are we willing to do what is necessary?  Or can we even do it, will we just have to learn to accept it as a part of life?

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