Sunday, September 21, 2014

Genoa, CO


While back I posted a story on the Wonder Tower.  It is also known as the Genoa Tower, for the nearby town. 

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Genoa was a town built by the railroad in the 1880’s.  It grew with the railroad and the homesteaders.  It had numerous stores, shops, dealers, gas stations, banks, etc.  Today, those buildings are empty or been torn down.  The ghosts of yesteryear now reside in the storefronts.

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Because of the ridge it sits on it has been surrounded by wind turbines.  The lone business, is now overshadowed by the towering wind collectors.  The farmers grain elevator is still the land mark and can be seen for miles distance. 

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The Interstate passed by isolating the town, no exits at the few businesses left.  Soon they were abandoned.  Less then a 100 feet from the highway the gas pumps rust away.  The coffee shop tables collect dust, growing cobwebs.  By the pen stroke of bureaucrat, a once thriving community becomes a dusty ghost town. 


The little burg is now not much more then a bedroom town.  There are some town services, water, trash and streets.  Otherwise is is quiet, well maybe the dog barking at the stranger taking pictures and the curtain being drawn and eyes peering out. 

Stretched along the railroad route are numerous other little towns like this.  Once prosperous, now they tenaciously cling to a thread of hope. 

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On far horizon is a small thunder head and the farmers hope of rain.  A semi-arid, parched land where it is a struggle to survive.  Few people take the challenge and live in what many would call a hostile land.  Yet here they have a tranquility the city will never know. 

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