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Down in the river bottom are the remains of a waana be railroad town.  There are some foundations and rubble piles holding the memories of a Mr. Dehoyt. 

The Republican river was a thorough fare across the plains of eastern Colorado.  Here one could find water and wood for the pioneer these were necessary to sustain.  In the 1850’s a freight/stage line was lined across here, going from the Missouri River to the Pikes Peak gold fields.  Stage stations were placed along the route and the freight trains would use these stops also.  Small trading posts would pop up around these stage stops.

The 1880’s the railroad was building across the plains headed for Pikes Peak.  Speculators were crawling all over the land.  Land tents were set up and the were lots to be sold.  Whether they owned the land is another thing.

Young Mr Dehoyt platted out a town of a couple square blocks and called it Hoyt.  He was hoping the railroad would pass through his planned community.  In 1888 the railroad rolled across the land, building north of Hoyt by a few miles.

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Rather then having to climb out of the river bottom, the railroad built on the ridge to the south of Hoyt.  A depot was built and sidings were put in.  The town of Seibert came into existence.  Down in the river bottom the people of Hoyt missed their train. 

So the populace of the wanna be town packed up and moved south to the bustling new burg of Seibert.  Hoyt faded into the dark pages of forgotten villages. 

Seibert became a bustling little town and was was a ghost.  Seibert was a nice country town until the Interstate showed up and isolated the town.  What had been a bustling downtown of shops, stores and businesses is now a collection of vacant buildings and home to a few residents.  The grain elevators still keep the railroad busy otherwise Seibert is becoming a ghost town like Hoyt. 

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