Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Death of a Year


As the year winds down, a head, mine, shakes in bewilderment.  We were supposed to be out of the Middle East, yet as a few leave the violence escalates.  Death of man has become so common, it no longer needs a separate page.  People die for some of the most bizarre things.  Another airliner disappears, Russia has indigestion, North Korea is having tantrums' and in the US there are protests with very little consequences. 

Around the world, Law and Order is being replaced by lawless anarchy. 


Safe life in the big city is diming.  Death stalks the streets, seeking out victims.  The county and world is being victimized by these acts of lawlessness, Yet what are the world leaders doing.  It has become a world of apologetic philosophy. 

Situational ethics was a catch all for people outside the morals of as society.  No longer, it is now, the ethic of the moment.  Like it or not society is changing.  The New World had been a place for the persecuted to go to to escape persecution.  No long for the persecutors have followed them and the level of persecution has increased around the world.  People can not leave others alone.

So will it be a brave new world or an animal farm?  What course are we plotting?  Can we change the course… or bigger question, are we willing to make the sacrifice to effect some changes and stand tall. 

There are predators out there, do you like being prey?  How being a victim?  There are those who like to victimize to control others.  Look at how many ways you are victimized. 


What will 2015 have on its agenda?


Happy New Year.  ….. I hope.

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