Friday, January 2, 2015

Twenty Fifteen…. Is Underway


The celebrations of the eve are now history.  The year will continue to march along.  The old one did not end so well, the protests and the police killings were a sour note.  In the dour ending, where are the bright notes, what good things are on the horizon. 

On the personal side, there will be few changes, and for me that is comforting.  I like very little change, then that’s why I like my dumpy little town.  Not many people, not many reasons to change.

On the national level and International level I see lots of changes.  The Democrats no longer will have their way.  There will be lots of sabre rattling in DC and the democrat minions will be unhappy with that.  So I foresee more protests on the national level and a few becoming violent. 

Then there is the garbage in the Middle East and Russia.  More blood will be shed there and Russia will become a flash point.  I have read bits and pieces that this will be the cause of WWIII.  That I doubt because we don’t fight wars anymore to win.  Our war stance is now just that, posturing. 

What kind of trickle down effect this will have on me is a big question mark, for I am somewhat insulated from the trash of the big cities. 

So into that next year I walk.  Will it rock me or will it throw me over the cliff. 

Not since the great depression have so many been out of work.  Those that have run out of benefits are not longer counted as being part of the unemployment picture.  I read somewhere that if they were included in the picture, unemployment would be close to 12%.  Then there are the illegals, how do they impact the picture.  The money they earn in the US, goes unreported, not taxed and a large majority goes to their home, a foreign country.  That is a negative cash drain on the US economy for no dollars are being put back in to replace what is being lost. 

Then there were all the people that were killed, including abortions.  I read the other day that Planned Parenthood aborted over 350,000 lives.  How would these people impact the economy if they were still alive.  In the big metro complexes, how many are killed, how many die by accidents, all have an impact on our lives.

The other thing in the future is the persecution.  How much longer will it be tolerated.  Then what form will retaliation take.  There are some really hateful people out there and some are getting tired of it.  

Believe I might invest in a pharmaceutical company that makes anti-depressants.  Gonna become a growth industry.

I shall harken to my siren song of the camera.  Go forth and capture some more pixels. For with all these changes, lots of things from the past disappear. 



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