Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Puffery of Guilt Mongers


20% of the children in the US are hungry.  Boy that statement will catch ones attention.  1 in 5 children suffer from hunger is the implication. 

When I first saw that I was angry.  Initial thoughts were, why the hell is that happening.  With all the government programs available, no one in this country should go hungry.  If a child is going hungry, some one needs to have a conversation with some parents.  I was a little put out and began to watch closely and see if I could notice thing to that effect in children in passing.

Then it dawned on me what they were talking about, people on food stamps.   Latest statistic is; there are 48 million people in the US on food stamps.  Using this, the group putting out the PSA, states that one in five children are going hungry because their parents are on food stamps.  What a stretch.  Here a country is being generous by providing tax funds for these families to have something to eat and a group is bending the spectrum to fit an agenda of shamefulness. 

This an example of how a stats can be distorted and have half truths added to generate shame in the hopes people will provide more to their treasury.  Shame is used by many to generate donations to their cause.  When on looks at these organizations, roughly 80% of the money raised goes to the administration of the group and the rest goes somewhere. 

then look at that figure, 48 million people on food stamps.  For a country that is pretty embarrassing to have that large of a percentage on government dole.  So I ask the question of the government, why have you failed these people that you have to give them a hand out.  Living on hand outs does not produce pride.

As a country is this something to be proud of?  Like it or not, it is a part of our legacy that the government has manufactured for us. 

Many will say, it is real easy to get food stamps, others say it is the illegals.  No matter, it is 48 million people that owe their existence to the government of the United States, because the country can not provide gainful jobs for them. 

Welcome to the new world of government slavery.  Freedom and independence leave when one has to rely on the dole to live. 

One in five children hungry……. hardly.  Because they are considered in poverty, they are considered hungry.  What an ugly label to put on someone. 

The message implies that the parent is incompetent.  Talk about a shameful label. 

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