Saturday, March 21, 2015

Christian ….. Democrat ????



            It is becoming increasingly difficult to be a Christian and a Democrat.  More and more the Left Wing atheists attack various Christian Icons.  The Freedom From Religion, group is busy suing most every government group that displays any type of reference to God.  This group is a player in the power corridors of the Democratic party yet the Democrats that call themselves Christian silently sit by and let these things happen.  

            No longer does the head of the Democratic party stand in front of the cathedral after Sunday Mass for photo opportunities.  He is usually on the golf course or watching sports on television. 

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            This should not be surprising, for at the last presidential nominating convention, God was not in the Democratic Platform.  It basically took a floor fight to get God put into the platform.  When really all it would of taken was a comment from the sitting President to place God in the Platform.  He did nothing, so hear platitudes emanating from the White House about Christians should not be surprising. 

            Out side of foreign attacks on God, most domestic attacks on the Christian Church have flowed from the left wing of the Democratic party.  It gives the appearance that it is no longer acceptable to be a Christian and a Democrat.

            John Kennedy being a Roman Catholic got some flak for his religion during his election campaign.  His religion did not stop him from being elected and after election he did not mock the atheists.  Instead he wore his membership in his church with pride.  Under Kennedy it was the Age Of Camelot.  The country had decent moral underpinnings as was a prosperous nation under his guidance. 

            So being a Democrat and a Christian should not be and embarrassment and the Christians in the Democratic party can stand up for the values of God and should not be ridiculed. 


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