Saturday, June 6, 2015

Republican Circus


The political show is underway and the Republicans need more then 3 rings for their show.  With the shortcomings of the Democrats and Obama in particular, the elephant is almost a shoo in.  So the elephants have lined up and are looking for the ring to the oval office.  There will probably be a few more elephants show up in the room.  What’s interesting is the Democrats have only one candidate so far. 

with so many republicans running for president, I’m sure the media will have a filed day.  One thing, the republicans are notorious for shooting themselves in the foot.  Which just give more fodder for the media blasters to put in their cannons.  It should be a good show.


On another note, Senator Rand Paul has been speaking out about the Patriot Act.  A lots of fellow senators have been blasting him for wanting to get rid of the Act.  If you really want to lay something ugly at the foot of George Bush, this Act after the 9-11 attacks would be it. 

The Patriot Act violates the Constitution in so many ways.  Personal rights are dumped.  The Homeland Security Dept. was created because of this piece of legislation and so many little things spun off from it.  The favorite abuser of this act has been the TSA, Transportation Security Administration.  The TSA has been a dismal failure and violated so many personal rights. 

So when I look real close at it, I agree with Senator Paul, get rid of the act, file it in the trash can.

So when I hear republicans in favor of the Act, I wonder if they really are Republicans or is the media distorting the truth. 

This act is but on example of many laws that should be repealed and trashed.  It would be nice if other lawmakers took up the pen to begin repeal of many arcane laws and overreaching laws. 

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