Friday, October 2, 2015

Laws of Control


For whatever reason, lawmakers feel they can control people with laws.  Look at all of the laws they have passed to regulate the behavior of what is referred to as sin.  These are the alcohol and tobacco taxes and regulations.  Included in that is firearms.  There is a federal agency specifically to oversee alcohol, tobacco and firearms, ATF.   This agency has been around for more then a few decades.  What problems have they solved?

This type of government laws flow from people that have serious psychological disorders of “Power and Control.”  These people tend to want to be in positions of authority and when one looks at the members of congress, lots of psychological unstable can be seen.

With all of the laws and taxes that have been passed to stop a certain behavior, people still drink alcohol, use tobacco and shoot guns. 

Bootleggers have made a nice living off of these inane laws of the federal government.  Even when they are caught and punished the bootlegging goes on. 

Sometimes, I think the government lawmakers take stupid pills every morning and then have a contest to see who can think up the stupid law of the day.

The scary part of all of these laws, is how freedom is eroded.  Every law that is passed, restricts someone's freedom in some manner.

Now look at the constitution and see what gives the right to lawmakers to restrict your freedom……….. to find the answer….. go look in the mirror. 

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