Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Hillary Supporters

            What kind of person supports Hillary for president of the United States?


To get an idea of this kind of support one has to go back in time a ways.  When Hillary’s husband, William Clinton, came out of Arkansas to be elected president of the USA, they were under investigation.  Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in a land development that was under investigation for wrong doing.  It was known as the Whitewater Scandal. During the first years in the White House there were denials of any wrong doing by the Clinton’s, yet the investigation continued.  Eventually the Whitewater Scandal went away. 

During this time Hillary did not speak out in any way about what was going on.  Then allegations of sexual affairs began to surface.  Numerous women stepped forward saying they had sexual affairs with William Clinton.  These allegations were dismissed by the President as having never happened.  The allegations soon became back page news.  Again Hillary said nothing about the allegations. 

Then a White House intern came forward saying she had sex with William Clinton in the White House.  The intern stated that she had oral sex with the President while he was on the phone talking about the affairs of the state.  These allegations were investigated and were validated as being the truth.  Again Hillary said nothing about the sexual liaisons her husband was involved in. 

The implication is that Hillary accepted lying and cheating by her husband.  Even after President Clinton was impeached, Hillary did not condemn his actions.  It was acceptable behavior, the appearances that presidential candidate gave.  So just by actions one can assume that Hillary Clinton accepts that cheating and lying is acceptable.  So when looks at all of the allegations that surround her today, one can make a pretty good assumption that the allegations are fairly accurate.

So where does this leave the people that support Hillary Clinton for President.  Are they cheaters and liars?  It would appear that they accept cheating and lying as a moral value. 

Yet is that all bad. 

Consider if you need an attorney.  Find one that was a Hillary supporter and they probably will lie and cheat for you to win the case.  Then there are the tax people.  Come tax time find a bookkeeper/accountant that supported Hillary.  Let them prepare your taxes.  If they lie or cheat on your taxes, they will have a good contact in the IRS.  It seems like to deal with government one should consider cheating and lying as a modus oprendi.  For the parents that want their children to have good grades.  Find a teacher that supported Hillary.  Then cheating and lying in the classroom will be acceptable.  Out of the school will come students that are very proficient in lying and cheating.  They may not know much but they sure can tell a good story. 

So ask, what kind of person is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, is she presidential material? 


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