Thursday, January 28, 2016


The Culture of Begging
            Went to the big city of Denver the other day.  Was well reminded of why I like my small town.  The noise was terrible and crazy rush to go somewhere in hurry.  There were to things that struck me n emerging sub culture and the amount of construction. 
            The number of beggars on street corners has increased and the variety of cardboard signs.  The exit ramps off the freeways were the busiest, then the busy street corners of town.  The variety of people begging was …… well there were most all types.  There even few holding their sign and walking the curb while talking on their smart phone. 
            Then there was Denver, It is a boom town.  There were a variety of cranes all over the city constructing high rise buildings.  Downtown had over 6 of the huge tower cranes.  There were large cranes mixed in and numerous types of boom cranes. 
            So when I look at the beggars, I wonder why, there should be all types of construction jobs for the beggars. Well why work when they can make more money standing around begging then working. If they get 100 bucks a day begging that is better then 10 bucks per hour work.  And 100 dollars is on the low side for beggars. 
            The hand outs these people get is giving rise to a whole new sub culture and one could refer to them as the leech culture.  The beggars pay no taxes, do not participate in society, yet they consume the products and goods others produce. 
            Being in Colorado more of these beggars/homeless are now being found with tokes of pot.  Then that should not surprise.  The whacky weed has replaced the wine etc for these people to avoid dealing with their issues. 
            So many people complain about the abuse of substances, yet the people that give the hand outs enable this type of behavior.  They are probably more complicit in furthering this lifestyle of begging and living high. 
            Then I look at the boom Denver is having and wonder how much of it is being fueled by the growth of the marijuana industry.  I’ve read stories of people moving to Denver just for the MJ.  There are also numerous entrepreneurs that will become the new millionaires.   What would be interesting is how much pot is being exported to other states.  Bale it up, load in semi and ship it to a warehouse in another state. 
            When there is a dollar to be made, there will be a way to garner it, begging or business production. 

            The other thing to look at is the rights of the State and their laws versus the Laws of the Federal Government.  In this case, the state over rode the Feds.   Set a pretty good precedent of states’ rights.  Colorado, in particular Denver, has liberal/democrat leanings.  In the case of the marijuana law, the liberals gave the republicans a bit of leverage for states rights.  
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