Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Be Spring

Had the first thunderstorm last night.  Lightning and thunder with a nice rain.  It would be nice to have some more moisture, the ground is so dry.  Guess winter didn’t want to stick around any more  and vacated.  Today was windy and blustry spring type weather, temps in the 50-60’s.


There is a rhythm to life that doesn’t change much.  The weather has its cycles and nature follows along.  It is man that sometimes loses the rhythm and gets out of kilter.  So many people like to set themselves up as tin gods and say this or that is going to happen if this doesn’t change.  right now one the little vexing problems in this is the price of gas.  Over 3 bucks a gallon now and still going up.

The oil companies are using this to try and force the greenies in government to open up new leases.  It is kind of expected after the BP fiasco in the Gulf.  Drilling was stopped and other leases were frozen.  The battle of factions that have notions on how to live.

What makes me mad is that I will have to pay through the nose because of this battle. Both sides are indifferent to my plight.  I become a pawn in a war I can not participate in except by buying less gas, which means I have to drive less.  Then I guess a little walking will do me some good.  Might go get a big tri-cycle with a basket I can carry some groceries in so I can ride it when I go shopping.

Because of a conflict at higher echelons I will be making changes in lifestyle.  May consider finding a cave to live in and live off the land.  It is things like this that make me mad at politicians, both sides of the fence.  Read the other day that the political types in DC have a less then 30% trust/acceptance of the general public.  they do more things to screw up a person’s life.


Wherever you may be have a great week and may God guide your steps.

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