Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Walking to School

There are stories of walking in storms and I wonder how they managed.


The little country schoolhouse was so common across the country and to get there one walked. No busses a century ago. When storms rage up like the one going on now I marvel at how hardy people were back then. During a storm the school would close but there were no phones for them to use. Otherwise school was open and the teacher had to fire up the stove, hopefully there was some coal. Out front is the pump handle for water.

Nearby can be seen some farm houses where the kids would walk from. The teacher usually boarded at one of the farmers home and also walked to school.


Out back can be seen the reading annex. The entry has a pipe in it to keep the stock out and the flag pole is mounted on the gate post.

I keep my complaints to self when the weather gets nasty. These little buildings had no insulation, a stove of some type and no running water.

It has not been easy to keep warm in the storm but I have stayed warm and I have hot running water for a shower.

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