Friday, January 6, 2012

Government Donations….. AKA Taxes….


Did some file  cleaning other day and got rid of a bunch of old papers.  Among them were old tax records.  Opened up a bunch of space in the file cabinet, surprising what one needs for the government.

I’m one of those who stacks and then later files things or tosses them.  So to get more space, some of the old had to go.  About 10 inches of space opened up in the drawer.

As I was burning the paperwork numerous thoughts wandered through the grey matter,  Danger time…. wandering thoughts.

Watching things burn, there were bills, invoices, expenses of all sorts.  There were long days, getting home in the eve just before the sun set.  Yet I was living a fairly good life.  Mortgage was being paid as were the other bills and a little bit left over.  What I had was the result of my labors. 

I watched the flames lick at the tax folder and wish it was that easy to get out from under a big tax burden.  Thousands of dollars I sent to the big house in Washington DC.  What did I get back for my labors. 

Some of my money went for basic government operations, that’s okay, some went for congress, that ‘s okay and some went into a black hole, not okay.  Money was given to some who did not work, some were big wig cronies others were called needy.  The welfare state was in full bloom and some of my money was going to those who did nothing to earn it but whine. 

There were times I wish I could have had some help when I was out in the hot sun working the long days.  Just one of those people for a few hours would have been nice.  But no, the government provides a living for a few that cry real loud.

The Republicans complain about the welfare state but do nothing about it.  Lots of the right’s bellyaching is starting to wear thin. 

I stand there watching the flames flicker over the tax papers.  Just like my money, going up in smoke. 


I do not mind helping people but I also like to see people make an attempt to help themselves.  The occupy protests really brings this into focus.  They expect others to provide for them.


Recent headline, _________ loses lawsuit over tax bill, owes the government 77 million dollars.  That is a lots of money, how many people will that keep working, where will the government spend it?  That is just part of the tax bill.  I believe his tax bill for that year in question was over 200 million.  That would put his income for the year over 400 million.

I look at my paltry thousands and still squirm.  What is coming back to me?  Government is to provide certain services to its population but beyond that, have boundaries been overstepped?

The fire buns on, more memories pop up from the smoke.

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