Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Say So….. So It Shall Be



Kind of a cute cartoon.  This was on the First page of the calendar for January.  The year is a collection of Dennis blurbs of wisdom.  The saying strikes one as being cute but look beyond it being cute.

In arrogance so many think that if they vote for something it will be.  Listen to the politician's as they are on the stump.  How arrogant they have become and how unattached they are from the general populace.

It is the republicans campaigning and they are basically saying the same thing that Dennis is.  I will vote for this and it will happen.  That is the mantra that Obama used to get elected president.

All kinds of promises are made and almost none are kept.  Wonder if there is such a thing for malpractice for politicians.  About the only recourse is election time yet we vote for the same old bunch of cronies expecting different results.

There is a time when the circus of politics becomes a cartoon.  Only problem is their cartoons are not cute nor benign like the sayings of Dennis are.

The weekend is here.  Time to recreate and get ready for another moment in time.  The days and weeks on the calendar slide along.  The days are growing longer and the chill is settled in.  Soon the warmth of the sun will chase the frost out.

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