Thursday, March 15, 2012

Terror Within

Money, it is everywhere in society today. One can not live without money, even the credit cards get paid off….. hopefully. There are those who attempt to steal, money/goods to maintain their life. The more money involved the bigger the risks are taken.

So when I look at government today I look at the money trail. Where does it begin and what is its path.

The United States has become so prosperous that now more then millions is funneled through the hands of congress into government agencies. Trillions of dollars goes where? Any ideas where it comes from and why it goes where? Neither do I.

Used to be if one wanted riches they worked for it in the private sector. Today it working for the government, low level mangers get 6 figure incomes and then some. Have you ever watched a mid level manger work, do you know what their responsibilities are, what is their skill level and how do they get these positions?

I read a while back that the government worker gets paid about 25% more then his counterpart in the private sector. That is a big difference. Why has it gotten so far apart?

What would you do with a trillion dollars, two trillion or more?

This is one of the problems with congress. They want to get reelected so they spread you monies around to various agencies with the idea that it will garner some votes come election time. They also feed money back to the people that were big donors in their campaign. It is kind of ironic, we vote for them and they take our money and where does it go?

If we were not forced to pay taxes, do you think there would be a different style of people in DC? Second if the wages of members of Congress were cut, what would happen>

Because so many keep looking for the government hand outs, the crony system of government keeps getting reelected. Instead people like Obama end up in the Oval office and then someone like Romney wants to replace him. Both are huge money spenders and if Romney got the nomination, what would change?

The Democrats got all over Bush for his spending and debt but where is the outcry for Obama’s enormous spending and he continues to over spend.

As long as we keep sending cronies to DC we will stay in poverty and but a few will control the wealth, the government and big corporations, both very similar.

If a person who made $3000.00 a month only paid $300.00 a month in taxes they could live pretty good. Have some discretionary income. Instead they pay about $1200.00 a month in taxes. So why does the government need all that money….. to keep you poor?

Over history the rulers have wanted empires and they want a big government to control the populace. This was one of the things Marx laid out in his illusion of equal.

As the government expands it brings power into the control of a few. Hitler recognized this as did Lenin. Two opposites of the spectrum but similar goals, to rule the world.

Look back at Clinton, he did not leave a big debt behind. Outside of dropping his zipper he was fairly begine. Yet he had his cronies. The Question here though….. What happened to the fiscal responsible Democrats? Why have they let Obama over run them? Where are the sensible democrats? Why have the Democrats given over to the Marxists of Obama?

Look at lawless the Democrats have become under Obama. Protestors breaking the law… nothing….. Unions name calling with presidential approval. Do the democrats want to be communists that bad? Then communism in the USA is nothing new.

Look inside….. what terror is seen.

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