Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Within, The Terror


When Hitler came to power, couple of the things he did, persecute the Jews and try to control the printed word. 

Looking back through history one of the things despots do when they come to power is to pick on a religion.  The Romans, the lions and the Christians comes to mind.  Yet compared to what Lenin and Hitler did, the Romans pale.  Lenin kicked the church out of Russia,no religion of any type was allowed in Russia.  Hitler was an exterminator of the Jews.

The other thing was they controlled was the press and books they did not agree with were destroyed.  Lenin and Hitler wanted to be the focus, they were the god’s of the day.

consider though, Hitler and Lenin at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Prior to WWII there was a communist part in Germany.  The communists were opposed to fascism.  The fascist state invaded Russia.

Reading through history one can see the parallels of communism and fascism, their methods are very similar but very opposite mode.

The other thing is the control of weapons.

So as I watch the politics I watch who is trying to control or rid one of these facets of American life. 

The church has been under attack for a number of years by the left wing of the democrat party in the form of the ACLU and a few others.  Marxists do not want religion in their controlled state.  Marx was very clear, religion is in competion to his state run government.  The gods are to be the political elite of the governing party.

It is also the left wing of the democrats that push for gun control.  Look at the flap over the comments that were made between political pundits.  Free speech comes under attack by both sides but who apologizes for their remarks.

When Hoffa junior told President Obama, “We will get those Republican Sons of Bitches,” and the president said nothing there was lots of implications of how the president views the opposing part.  But let the Republicans use a similar style of language and look what happens.  The left tries to silence their speech.

So as I look at the democratic party I wonder what has happened.  Why have the democrats let the communists run their party.  Is there that much hatred of the Republicans that they would rather live with commies then try to live as free people?

Wonder if the Democrats will stand up to the bullies in the far left wing?  It is not something new, communism has been on the left for a century or better.

During the early 1900’s a group of elites got together in Europe.  Their stated purpose was to move their home countries into communism.  Lenin is the only one with any kind of success in Russia.  There were communist movements through out the world.  In the 30’s though it was the fascists that took a different tack through warfare.

These elements of fascism live today and right now the communist movement is gaining momentum. 

As long as the Constitution can stay intact there is good level of protection for citizens to be protected from both extremes, communism and fascism.  If the left continues to attack the constitution they are leaving the door open for the fascists.

So I wonder if the sensible Democrats will wake up and take back control of their party.  For a reasonable two party system is also a good measure of protection.






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