Saturday, June 2, 2012

Passing of time

Time has passed and I missed it.  Being laid up in the  hospital and convalesce for about two months I lost track of time.   All of sudden it is Memorial Day and here is summer. 

People are flying down the road in their campers.  Summer vacations are under way and the heat is rising.  Looking for cool spots is the game of the day.

All I wanted was the pain to go away, be able to stand with no pain, sleep without drugs.  My focus was on myself and healing.  Time was but the change from light to darkness.  The nurses would ask what the day was, where I was.  That was my only reckoning with a time space movement.

DSCN1342 (960x1280)

With time though I am slowly healing.  There are less pains and less pills.  Small steps are easing across the floor without the walker. 

During this period most everything was blocked out.  Politics became irrelevant, daily news was ignored.  It was a battle with pain. 

Today the reality creeps back into life.  It is summer.

Everyone enjoy the moments of the time.

Gone Looking for a cold melon……. Like a slice?

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