Sunday, July 8, 2012

That’s what it is…… YUP


The supreme court handed down a ruling the republicans didn’t like.  But is it really bad for the republicans?

It defined a tax, what a tax is and there isn’t much room to wiggle in.  Any revenue collected by the government is a tax, is what they said…… any revenue…. including penalties.

The republicans have complained about over taxation for years…. well it appears they were right.  The government sticks it’s tax collecting fingers in lots of pockets calling the collection of taxes a different name.  Your parking ticket, speeding, user fee, entrance fee ….. and the list goes on, is a tax.

Which is fine by me…. I like nice good solid definitions, not those grey matter fuzzy feel good things.


IMGP5269 (719x1024)

Now will some the fortitude and challenge lots of these fees for what they are……?


The state I live in, Colorado, has a balanced budget amendment and any new taxes have to go to the general population for a vote.

The dems went around that law by calling the revenue enhancement a user’s fee….. not a tax.

When will the distortions stop….?


Have a good week.

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