Monday, January 28, 2013

The Illusion of Hollywood


One of the neat things about the Internet is how it has shrunk the world and opened windows all over.  Some of these windows take me into the past.  Now on the web are collections of old TV shows and movies.

Watching these old flickers shows the many changes that there are that really haven’t changed.  The most noticeable changes are in styles and technology.  People haven’t changed that much.  There were obnoxious people back then as well as great people.

There were bad story lines back then and thay are still bad.  Some of the more enduring stories are the ones that mimic some of the old classic stories, IE Shakespeare.  Watched “Taming of the Shrew,” other night, except it wasn’t titled that.  It was a John Wayne western.

Then there is the quest story, which is what made the first “Star Trek,” shows so great.  Oh wow, talk about a change in technology.

DSCN3117 (1024x768)

Picture of a cowboy from a 100 years ago.  Look at all the changes that remain the same.  Again it is style, looks or appearance.

Then there is the theme of the good guys, us, vs. the bad guys, them. A theme that can be followed all the way back to classic literature of the ancient world.

One of the current TV shows I watch is “Blue Bloods.”  It has an unusual portrayal of family life.  And, yes there is the good guys and bad ones.  But look at the family portrayed. 

Hollywood wants this dysfunctional family to be portrayed as the noble family, the american pie collection.  They have family dinners but look at the age disparity, lack of marriages or divorces and the living arrangements.  Then from that look at the relationships portrayed outside of the family, that’s where it gets scary.  Yet the program is decent drama and has a good following. 

The troubling part is how relationships are portrayed by Hollywood.  The dysfunctional families are portrayed as being normal and people accept the abnormal as being the way to live.

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So what does one anchor their life on, what could be considered as acceptable behavior?

Looking back over the centuries at the variety of stories, some of the greatest stories, are ones from conflict.  The torment the protagonists deal with as they live out their lives.  Where is peace found, how does one sail on an even keel, why does the roller coaster life appeal to so many?

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