Sunday, January 6, 2013



The amazing statement people make.  I am to trust them because they said it.  Then when I question the substance of their statement, they get all upset.  It is, How dare you question me.

When I was growing up, one of the things instilled in me was to question things, it was a learning process.  If I don’t understand things, ask questions or if it is not clear ask questions.  So, questions I did ask.  Then as I grew older, I learned a few things.  I took classes in philosophy, which was the very questioning of the order of life.  It was, no, that is not how it is, it is this way, why was the response.  So a person would have to present their thesis with evidence to support their statement.

Today, people put their hypothesis forth with none or very little supporting evidence and expect people to believe it, just because they said it.

I follow some people on facebook that are like that.  They say don’t do this or that, or not buy this.  They don’t say why or anything, it is an empty statement.  Then question them, better get the storm gear on and be ready for a tantrum.

So many people want to be an authority that they will follow along with others, even when it is a half truth.  Look at all of the different stories and blogs out there.  How many support their statements.  Even the weatherman is not always there supporting their forecast.

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Arrogance is a psychological disorder, it can be ;looked up.  One of the key parts of arrogance is that arrogant are never wrong.  That is why they blow up when questioned.  They also tend to be control freaks.  Watch people around, especially in crowds and listen to so,e of the statements that are made.  The authoritiarian voice they speak in, they edge of anger or the bully tone.  Then look in the mirror, how close am I to being that way. 

A bit of education can mess one up and if that education comes from a big name school it even messes things up more.  Then there are those that think they have an education…. look out.

Listen to the politicians talk.  Watch their manipulation of facts and how they distort them to fit their agenda.  But do not dare to question them.

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The Black Lagoon

Hilary Clinton’s injuries and medical problems were questioned by some.  Boy did some people get hateful over the questioning of her problems.  It was how dare you question what happened to her.  It was, like the truth was irrelevant.

To wonder why one would question her actions, one has to look at her past history of responses to other damming situations she has been in.  Actions speak louder then words.  Just one speaks does not make one and authority or correct.  Even if they say they are correct……. or….. trust me.

Then I ask….”Why can't I question you, you work for me, you are on the taxpayers salary rolls?”

Arrogant people get so mad, especially when they are not in control.

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