Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Letter Congress


Dear Congressman

The Republicans have taken a beating in the media. Luckily most of us understand that the media distorts the truth to fit their agenda. With a grain of salt I consume the media. They do not represent the reality of life, yet so many people believe what they spew out. Sitting in the House of Representatives, you are in the majority, you control the purse strings and the President does not like that. He will beat up on the Republicans in any way he can, for it has worked in the past.

I hope you and your colleges will develop a little stronger backbone and begin to stand up to his bullying. For no matter how things go over the next couple of months, the Republicans will be demonized. In the major media you and your colleges will be vilified. With that in mind, I hope you and others will stand up for what is good in this country, some fiscal responsibility. For if one does not live within their means, there is usually failure and everything the President has tried to do, has not helped the country climb out of the recession/depression. His administration has been one failure after another. These things need to be pointed out. Even under Bush and other administrations, economic stimulus plans did not work.

So I hope you and your fellow Republicans will withstand the hateful onslaught from the President and the media. It will happen. Luckily there are bloggers out there that are fairly neutral and do a good job of blogging.

Suggestion: The House pass a resolution, that all executive orders will be brought before Congress for proper legislation within 90days, if not the executive order will expire in 120 days. The country does not need legislation by FIAT. There is a time executive orders are appropriate but they also need the approval of congress or they should become null and void after a certain time. If executive orders are not challenged in some manner the door for dictators is opened.

There needs to be some kind of sunset on laws and if they are good, congress can act on them again in the future.

I would also like to see every gun control law have an amendment for media control. Like the President said in Chicago, paraphrasing, “It is an attitude problem on how we deal with our problems.”

Media control: Any and all violence in shows, programs, videos of electronic medium shall be forbidden. Any program with shootings, physical violence or mental violence shall be prohibited. The media can not cover violent crimes of any type, muggings, home invasions, rape, shootings, domestic violence etc. As one reads through the stories about the mass shooters, one sees that the people got many of their ideas from stories in the media, shows, programs, videos…. Etc. Therefore to curb violence it has to be curbed in the media.

According to the White House, it was a video that caused the Benghazi riot and other riots in the Middle East. So to protect our citizen’s there has to be some kind of media violence control.

Tongue in Cheek. If we are willing to trample on parts of our Constitution, what other parts are we willing to trample on? For if the Second Amendment is beat up and impinged on, the First will not be far behind.

Thank You for your time. Stand in there tough during the upcoming battle.

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