Friday, February 22, 2013

The Time Change


The days grow longer, the sun rises earlier and settles into the horizon later.  The swirling continues on, yet man still tries to control things.  There is Standard Time, then there is Saving time.  The second one makes me wonder, How is time being saved?  When comes for the clock change, I would to see the meddling politicians get out of the way and no more time changes.

I enjoy the evening, the end of day.  Sit there, watch the traffic circle over the rise and descend into the little hollow where the town is.  In the winter the sun is going for the evening meal and but the lights of the vehicles line up curling down the ridge.  Makes for a nice show but it is in the dark.  This time of year the light tarries for a bit and the journey homeward bound is easier.  It is so nice to have a bit of light in the eve to unwind the mind, even for but a few minutes.

Well the storm came through, some wind, cold air and a bit of flakey stuff.  It was enough that a few drivers had forgotten how to drive and made a few dings in sheet metal.  For that reason many do not like snow.  For me it one of those things that gave his creation and I can not curse it.  For it is the snow that brings all the glory of summer.

Our moisture supply is almost none existent.  So more snow would be nice.  One that could be measured in many inches, using a yard stick. 

DSCN3372 (1024x768)

The weeds under the snow make nice patterns or wonderment.

DSCN3373 (1024x768)

Then there is the shadow of the birdfeeder.  Grasses stand up through the thin mantel of white.

DSCN3377 (1024x768)

The howling coyote floats out over the silence after the storm.  Wavering but a bit when the wind returns to rearrange the flakes.

DSCN3375 (754x1024)

Snow, one of those I do not have to deal with much any more.  I stay out of the way.  I believe only once have I slid off the road or did donuts.  Have watched many in a big hurry, keep the tow trucks busy.  There are also the four wheel frollies of spinning off the road, across the ditch, up the other side, back into the ditch and back onto the highway. 

Snow is something I have come to love.  Sure there is misery, then weather has its moments in all seasons.  When I lived in Denver, one could hear a silent cheer when the first snow for the mountains was reported.  Skiers were getting the board out and ready for the season.  Drive to mountains in the winter a few times.  One learns how to drive on the slick roads and to have the vehicle prepared.  Break down or have problems in the mountains is expensive. 

Yes there are nice things about the snow, snowmen, snow angels, tracks and great pictures.

Now to get that clock fixed so it doesn’t keep falling back.

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