Wednesday, October 9, 2013

White House Dictator…. a wanna be

There has been all types of discussion about the shutdown of government.  Yes it is a political show but there is also something bigger, individual freedom is at stake and so many miss that.
Freedoms are lost by laws passed and that includes taxes.  When the taxpayer is working to support a government that returns nothing a gaffe rolls out.  The population is hooked or they lash back and things get ugly.
The Healthcare act carries so many new taxes, the regulators could get to the point of confiscating all of ones income for taxes.  Very little about the taxing latitude of the regulators has been discussed.  When the bureaucracy has the ability to tax without congressional approval, there is danger.  look at what the bureaucrats did in the last election, what do you think they really want.
Right now if the Healthcare act is not stopped and the debt ceiling is not held, the populace will be at the vagaries of the government.  The executive branch will control the country and no longer will the halls of congress have any impact. 
Look at all of the executive orders Obama has been issuing and there have not been any uproar about it until this shutdown. 
Ugly as it sounds, if Obama wins, one just as well start getting used to living under a single ruling empower and congress just as well go home.  The Healthcare act gives so much power to the executive branch and along with the Patriot Act, the President has extensive powers with no congressional check. 
Like it or not, if the Republicans cave into the President, the country has been lost and the change Obama wanted will be locked in, Marxism. 
Yes we’ve been bellyaching at the politicians for the shutdown, but there is a bigger issue then political gain.  Look at how the different government agents have been treating the general population.  Throwing people out, locking people out, arresting people, and it is almost a police state.  That is scary how these people are acting on the White House orders.
Understand why the constitution has been so ferociously attacked the present ruling democrats.  It about people control, 
The Democrats want to destroy the Republicans so bad, they will destroy the US in the process.  So hope the Republicans will stand their ground, for me and for you. 
Forget about politics, look at what is really at stake….
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