Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mother Nature’s Breath


With all the rain we’ve had and the flooding, one would think it would be green and lush on the plains.  Well Mother nature has a way of reminding man that she is in charge.  We have had some heavy winds off and on over the past week and it has dried out the surface of the dirt.  Last week this drying showed up.

Fields were blowing and clouds of dust were reaching skyward.  There were flocks of tumbleweeds chasing each other across the land.  So much work goes into the land and then there it goes, up in dust.

Made a short video the storm blowing things around.  It was amazing the watch the tumbleweeds scurry over the roadways.  Just want to meet the bigger ones.  They can scratch real easy an or plug up radiators.

Had to use headlights, for visibility, not mine but so others seen me.  It was twilight at 3:00 pm.

DSCN4864 (800x600)

The wind has settled down and there was rain later that eve.  So the dust is pretty light.  Yet when the storm front kicks through, it roars through.  Rearranging lots of things.  Then is part of the changing seasons.  There are glorious fall days and knifing winds cutting into the soul. 

DSCN4794 (800x600)

Soon the goblins and spooks will be prowling the byways.

Have a great week.

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