Saturday, December 14, 2013

Theft By Government


Well I hope everybody is ready for another shut down of government.  The people in DC remind of a bunch of alcoholics.  They want more and they want more until the pass out point arrives.

Not sure when the people will wake up and see where there tax dollars are going.  Close to 50% is going to foreign powers, from interest to support of foreign governments.

So many of the taxes we pay we do not see.  Corporations pay the bulk of taxes and that is just a pass on cost of doing business for many.  All the goodies for Christmas one buys racks up the taxes that corporations pay from all those big profits we generate for them.


IMGP2239 (2) (800x525)

Washington can not stop their bad habits of overspending.  Like the drunken sailor said, when I run out of money, my spending stops.  Washington doesn’t grab that concept, they just go borrow more to spend more.

It would be nice to have a bottomless purse like that but my pockets are full of lint.  Not much money left over after the DC boys grab it.  If I don’t pay, I am threatened with jail and the people that arrest me, prosecute me, will be paid by tax dollars I have sent them. 

The bully pulpit of the government, uses your money to extort you and bribe you.  Aren’t we suckers and we re elect them.  We are so stupid at times.

Wonder what typed of revolution we are going to have?

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