Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The stupid President and his Democrats


It is amazing how some people grab on to things, just like  bull dog.  Even if it is not working, they cling to a false hope, and illusion that it will work.  One of the biggest problems of arrogance is they will not admit they are wrong.  They have such a denial level. 

The health care act is not working and in lots of areas it is an abject failure.  Yet the Democrats cling to it.  They say it will get better.  Some one needs to invoke the Lemon Law on the Democrats.   For the ACA is one of the biggest failures ever perpetuated  on the American people.    Yet getting the little arrogant bastards to admit things are not working………………………

Look back over history, any problems in the country have come from poor politics.  Our recessions have been the result of government policy in regards to financial institutions.  Our wars, from poor politics.  The Civil War is the best example of that.

What is it going to take to get the Democrats to admit things are not working and scrap things.    


Do the Democrats want control so bad, they would destroy the country.  It appears they have become so hateful, that they don’t care but to be like dictators. 

What’s maddening is the Republicans are so undermanned and gutless that the Democrats are running the country like Autocrats.  They show no regard for the people they are harming.  When it is the government that is causing harm to its population there will be a backlash. 

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