Sunday, January 5, 2014

Year Begins


The winter solstice has passed, the materialistic frenzy of Christmas is gone and the drunken orgy of the New Year is past.  Presents, fireworks and decorations, retuned to boxes, stored in an out of the way corner closet.  Rituals of the end of the year will soon fade into dim memory.  The new baby of the year will age.  New headstones will grace the grave yard.  Time marches at its pace. 

Into the future life moves, ever relentless in its forward pace.

November begins the decline into darkness, sun settles southward, darkness creeps into the day.  A time of year when depressions roams the land, looking for a place to settle.  Festivals roll out creating a festive mood, one of giving thanks.  Decorations are placed and brighten the spirit.   Into December depression travels looking for a home.  Colorful lights are set on shelves and windows, Old Man Gloom is held at bay with the colorful lights.  The glee of the upcoming season is shouted over the land.  The is hope in the air as depression stands near by looking for an opening. 

A creeping crud that battles with the senses.  A façade put forth to cope with the ugly side of the season.  Then it is over.  Looking back, what happened?  Where has the mood gone?


DSCN4783 (800x600)   

With the beginning of January, the sun begins its journey back north.  The light returns, the warmth embraces once again.  Penetrating the bitterness of the icy storms.   A joy of hope and optimism  grow.  Old man glows in the fireplace.  A new season sits on the corner awaiting our arrival. 

Today the snow hustles across the horizon, catching on the grasses and weeds.   Making a gossamer white blanket.  Bitterness rides the wind, frosting the windows, a fairy dances over the land.   

A day of quiet introspection, remember the past, look to the future and live the day.  Pages of years, stand in volumes, pages ever passing.  Snowflakes dance past the window, gracefully landing on the ever growing blanket. 


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