Friday, March 7, 2014

Politicking …. it has begun


The precinct caucus were this week and the rhetoric of the season is beginning.. 

Ads are appearing, puffery is floating over the land and the do do is getting deeper.  It will be interesting to see how the Republicans fare this go round.  They have been beaten and bullied pretty good by the Democrats.   The Democrats have been pretty successful at portraying the Republicans as bad people, rich old white men.   This creates a sense of jealousy and the Democrats say they will give you this and that at no cost.  Bribery by tax money.  Vote for me and I will send a  tad bit of your money back…. the rest goes to my cronies. 

The Republicans fall prey to so many of the Democrat tactics of doomsday stories.  They get engaged in debates that are meaningless and over time the debate becomes a real opinion of fact when presented by  the Democrats.  The Republicans need to be more selective in their debates and also look behind what is being presented to them.  Best example of that is gay marriage.  A debate that should of never happened.  There are laws in place already for gays to use to settle their disputes over shared property and co-habitation.  It is the same laws that adulteress use in common law partnerships. 

But the gays wanted to justify their behavior and pushed the hot button of Republicans.  Simple little fact: 100% of women and 50% of men in prison, engage in homosexuality,  those are daunting figures. 

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Way to many people try to control the behavior of others.  Laws are used by many for control but how do laws change behavior.  By granting common law status to gays, what harm would of there been?  Homosexuals do not change their behavior, morals do not come from laws.  Yet people like to use government as their pulpit to preach morality.  Tell people how they should live.   The Republicans are just of guilty of this as are the Democrats.  And the really ugly ones tell others how to live are the religious fanatics that preach doomsday, not salvation. 

So it will be interesting to see if the Republicans are suckered into losing debates or if they can expose and agenda that actually helps people and not get wrapped up in the corruption of niche politics.

One of the key things is the economy.  Under Republican leadership, the economy flourishes and tax revenue increases because of this.  Will the elephant push this?  Other thing is large governments decline in quality services, just as large corporations falter in efficacy. 

So many layers of agencies in the corporation create loss of the consumer.  In the same manner the big government loses sight of its customer…. the people. 

Can the Republicans recognize their faults and correct them or will they stay in their largesse mantra?






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