Saturday, March 1, 2014

Putin VS. Obama


Been a number of years since the Russians and the Yanks were at each other.  The cold War hasn’t really ended, continues on a more subtle level.  There are people who still do not like communism, although Marx is still taught in Universities.  Marxism is not taught as a failure, rather a successful ism.

With most of the people from World War II gone, there are very few that remember the killings of the Russians, of their own people.  What the Russians did in the Stalags, makes Hitler’s gas chambers and the Holocaust look pretty mild. 

Yet there a sector of society that relishes this type of treatment, if they are on the giving end. 

Harken back to the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Then it was Khrushchev the Russian and another democrat, Kennedy.  Consider how Kennedy dealt with the Russians to how Obama deals with the Communists.   The problem is, we are only fed what the press wants us to hear/see and we are not privy to lots of behind the scenes. 

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World politics is just as important as is local politics.   From past experiences, Obama will politicize the happenings in the Ukraine rather then actually take a stand.  They guy would we a terrible pooler player but a good crook.  For he deflects off the issue and talks about what himself look good. 

It is also setting up a good issue for the mid term elections.  

Now where did the White House put those Russian Voodoo dolls?

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