Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter and the Lawyers


As one reads a Gospel in the Bible, one is reading a history of Jesus Christ.  From his birth to his  death.  Some parts are very detailed, others are sketchy.  Throughout there is one thorn that follows the Messiah on his brief journey and that is the Lawyers.  The Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes among others challenged Christ during his ministry.

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During the journey to the cross, more and more people followed Jesus.  With the growing crowds the Jewish leaders, lawyers became fearful.  Fearful of losing their control as leaders of the Jewish people.  Numerous times throughout the Gospel there are mention of plots to Kill the Messiah.  None came to fruitation for it was not time yet. 

Jewish Law is based on the books of Moses, Mosaic law.  Like the laws of today, there were numerous laws the Jewish Lawyers wrote down to control the people.  It is these laws that were used to try and trick Jesus so they would have justification to kill him.

If it had not been for the Jewish Lawyers Legalism, the ministry of Christ would have been fairly uneventful.  Yet the follies of this legalism is what the Grace of Christ is about.  Yet the lawyers did not understand that their laws were not working and that life did not need volumes of laws to live by. 

Look at how Christ confronts the lawyers as He goes into the temple at Jerusalem.  It is not the Jews that Killed Christ, but by trickery the Jews got the Romans to execute Christ.  The laws of the Jews failed them.

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Look at the legalism of the churches today and our country, are they failing us?


He is risen, Indeed He is risen.  Happy Easter.

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