Saturday, December 26, 2015

Rambling Thoughts

To even have thoughts, at times even amazes me.  For the most part the grey matter operates in a vacuum.
Im not a person of resolutions, for I have no intention of being locked into something nonsensical.  I do like goals and try to set reasonable ones. Then I haven't figured out what reasonable is any more.
Politics is always a fire to ignite, only goal I have there is to go vote next year. 
I have been enjoying the Trump show.  Who knew a former Democrat could be so nasty to his former party.  Like Obama, Trump has polarized the country even further.  The amount of hate that spews out on both sides any more is amazing.  The Golden Rule is alive and well…… hate others so they can hate on me.  Well I really do not want to hate but I get upset over some of the comments directed at me. 

Then there is the issue of the Christian haters.  Not sure how to deal with that one.  Then I am reminded of the what the Romans did to the Christians with their lions.  hen there were the witch hunts, Christian on Christian.  So called Christian leaders taking on the role of God and executing people they labeled as heretics.   Burned em at the stake or hot oil.   An ugly chapter in history. 
Then there was the Babylonian exile of the Jews.  When a person looks at that story and reads the book of Joshua, a lots of answers can be found.  It is interesting how God has used the Ishmaelite to be a thorn in the side of many.
Like the Jews, God will not let Christianity perish, there will be remnant. 
Then that brings up the question, at church is the focus on God or is it on the pastor/preacher or self.  God has been booted all over and people have become so complacent that they ignore what is in front of them.
On thing, the world will continue on for as long as God wants it to.  It is God’s position that so many want to be in.  They want to judge people and condemn. 
Look at all of the laws that get passed by government, so many of the laws elevate the lawmakers to a god like position.  The government has the answer, seek them out, not God. 
Within the secular world, we have the capacity to change things but if God is not sought out, then Satan is the controller.

Like I said, thoughts from no where that go no where.  

Have a great twenty sixteen and God Bless You. 
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