Monday, December 7, 2015

Governance of a Country


The pastime of politics, makes for some pretty good humor.  comedians get some pretty good scripts poking fun at the politicians.  The crop this year does not lack its moments of absurdity.  Yet the politicians is supposed to be about governing a country.  From the candidates pandering to the presidency I have yet to see any that have the slightest notion on how to run a country. 

Hillary is so wrapped up in scandals and the medias is gaga over her, I have no idea if she grasps the concept of a country’s stature and its citizens.  She seems more interested in making good sound bites for the news cast then taking care of a country.  Then there is the Donald, he has become the king of the sound bites.  If the presidency was based on making good news copy he would be a shoo in.  Yet does any one have an idea how a country operates. 

If you are a dictator, who cares, the rules change and the population be dammed.  Hum, kind of sounds like a current practice. 

But really, look at the candidates, who would you like to have running the country?  People that make good comments, that you want to hear or one that makes the tough choices for the good of the many.  The other thing about good management is staying out of the way and letting people do their job, not micro mangers. 

The democrats had a decent candidate but he got lost in the mire of the holy Clinton masquerade.  The Republicans, have no one that has really shown he can lead. 

So what do we do?  I have heard there should be a revolution and kick everybody out and start all over.  It makes sense because the politicians are more interested in cronyism and greed then taking care of the country and its citizens. 

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